Whatever the purpose is, for the Crystal you have been drawn to,

that will reveal itself!


Well, for 1. Its real, we are drawn to them.  Crystals are formed from the same minerals we have in our physical body.  Like attracts like, and so on.  All minerals, like everything else in the Universe has energy at a specific frequency.  Crystals don’t necessarily directly heal, they raise the body and minds vibration to overcome the lower frequency that is out of balance.  To regain homeostasis.  Health.  And whether you believe it or not, fact is, the body and mind are connected and your body listens to your mind.  Your body responds to vibrations before you even realize it.

Here is how and why we are attracted to certain crystals, music, scents, colors, (colors have different vibrations),foods etc.  Science is catching up…And this is also why, crystals have been used to uplift the spirit and in assisting in healing for thousands of years:

Our bodies are built of vitamins and minerals and other materials.  All of our bodies have the exact same energy or vibration as the 12 notes on the chromatic scale.  Matching their frequency….A, A#, B,C#…and so on to G.  Each of our 12 organs in our body, vibrate to these notes. For example, C is your thyroid, B is the colon.  When one of our organs or body systems is not up to par, its frequency is not correct and therefore, out of balance.

On a Physical healing level, when we are exposed to the crystal energy, our bodies are drawn, usually to the crystal that has the minerals or the vibration of the minerals that we need to feel and be in balance. The bodies original program is balance.


On an Emotional level, the vibration of our thoughts, high for happy or positive feeling, or low for sadness or low vibe feeling.  As soon as you hold a crystal or have it in your space the results are immediate and low will always go to meet high.  So in a matter of minutes, you will feel the peace run through your veins and relax the body.  Depending on the individual and the circumstances the time may differ a little but not much.

Now that the basics are laid out, let’s look at a few examples of what you would use for what, and there are plenty of good sources on the internet.  Just check your sources.  Also, none of this is to replace medical treatment.  These are just guidelines to implement if you like and you can add to what you are already doing to help.

Just Some Examples are listed below.  I had a little stomach acid the other night from my cappucino and used a Citrine point on my abdomen.  First laying on my navel and programming the relief and then rolling it in a clockwise direction around my stomach and it was fine in about 10 minutes.

Lapis Lazuli

It’s good for the immune system and will also help with vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss and skeletal pain.  There are many other qualities and emotionally it is very helpful with depression, helps to relax your mind, relationships and dreams.  It contains calcite which is very helpful with skeletal issues.




This stone is helpful with physical balance, vision and helping the body to detox at a cellular level, inflammation and insomnia.  Again, there are many other qualities, too many to list here on a physical level and emotionally it brings calm and helps with manic depression.  It’s really good to help with endurance.



This is a wonderful stone for inspiration and flow.  It assists in the health of the kidneys and bladder and helps with anemia and gout.


Pink Opal

This is a Feel Better stone.  Its good for the heart, the skin, blood pressure, a youthful appearance, hormone balance and lungs.  Emotionally it brings you calm, helps with self esteem, compulsive behavior and stress.



This stone is good for digestion and the eyes…it allows magic to happen by stabilizing the aura and enhances your energy flow.  Stress, insecurity and anxiety are relieved by using this stone.



This is wonderful for skin and general aches and pains, hair loss, wrinkles, eczema and psoriasis.  Helps to still the mind.


A few ways and why you may want to get started.  Just get one.  And try it. And if you have them already…USE THEM!





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