Healing Testimonials

We are so grateful for all of the wonderful clients that we have helped over the years and appreciate the kind words they have shared with us. Below are some of their healing testimonials. If you would like to submit a testimonial and share your story click here

Dear Phyllis,
Congratulations on 9 years of bringing joy, health and peace to all those who cross your threshold.  You are always so giving and truly you walk your talk!!!  I have loved all the times we have shared the miracles of life in the simple and complex!
You are a truly gifted woman and what a pleasure to know you!
All the very best and here’s to so many more wonderful years!


Holistic Apothecary ClientNancy

“If you are contemplating making an appointment with Dr. Phyllis Greco Bucci, stop what you are doing and call immediately.  Don’t waste another minute.  I met Phyllis on a hike while in Arizona and took about one year to “find the time” to schedule an appointment.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know- yet.

I’ve had multiple treatments/ services as I want to improve my health and my world as much as possible.  Here are a few experiences below.

Phyllis did a sage clearing in my home which immediately changed the home’s feeling, it immediately felt lighter.  I felt a presence in my home since I moved here about 9 years ago.  It was time to release that presence and their energy from my home.  A heaviness was lifted and the energy improved right away.  It was so interesting and very powerful as Phyllis involved me in the clearing.  I highly recommend this for everyone.

The Zyto Compass was interesting and incredibly accurate as well.  It is a quick and painless process that was 100% correct.  It picked up on health issues and nutritional deficiencies that I have been experiencing and helped explain the root cause.  Phyllis tailored a nutritional/ supplement plan that is designed specifically for me.  The supplements that Phyllis recommended for me started working within 2 days, I felt more alert than I had in years. Probiotics, enzymes and spagyric greens to name a few.  It was as if a layer of brain fog had been peeled back and it is gone!  Halleluiah!  

My newest part of the journey now includes reiki sessions which are incredible!!!  Oh my gosh, this is a must for all.  It is truly amazing when you feel your own energy flowing through your veins.  One fun example that makes me smile and very happy is how I literally felt the energy flowing from my knee to my heart.  The best way to describe it, was that it felt like a little fairy with tiny feet about the size of a pencil eraser was running up and down by body from my knee to my heart.  It felt so good and brought me an immense sense of joy.  Actually I couldn’t stop smiling and was about to burst into laughter- which I love!!!

If you’re looking for a doctor who is knowledgeable, approachable, kind, and caring than look no more- Dr. Phyllis Greco Bucci hits every mark and then some.  Thank you Phyllis and your fabulous staff as well!”

Jason K
I have suffered from Crohns Disease since January 2001.  Since 2002 to 2012 I successfully treated with Remicade but had diminishing relief over time and increasing side effects including psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.  The doctors were finding it increasingly hard to treat me.  i started coming to the Holistic Apothecary in September of 2014 and slowly started to feel recovery.  When I started using CBD oil I had a massive loss in inflammation within 3 days and my pain from flares was cut almost in half!  I recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from inflammatory disease.

Submitted by Mateo
Great selection and friendly service. What else could you ask?


I few years ago I was diagnosed with Kidney disease, as time progressed things got worse . I met Phyllis and she started working with me trying to get me on the right track, she has the patience of a saint. I would go faithfully to get my blood tests and my counts were off the charts. Phyllis kept working with me, did not give up on me, keep pushing me to the limit. Well guess what happened?? I went to my kidney doctor and he asked me “Barbara whose blood did you use for your blood test”? I asked him what did he mean? His response was “this is the best blood test He ever had from me”. I was in total shock, then came the next surprise, my GFR went from 16 to 21 (21 being a good thing). It is all because Dr. Bucci NEVER gave up on me and I had faith in her.
I also want to thank Karen (who I have known for years) for her guidance and continuing support.
These two women have always walked beside me, sometimes carrying me, but never leaving me behind.
With much gratitude and love!

Sean R
Dr Bucci came to my house to do a feng shu consultation. At first, I was skeptical that this would work but my friends and Family swear by Dr. Bucci. After a quick consultation my living space felt more free allowing me to direct my energy towards specific issues in my life. Soon after, my hopes of getting my dream job became a reality, and quickly my success surpassed my wildest dreams. Thank you Dr Bucci, for your loving energy and amazing consultation.
Sean R

Hi Phyllis,
I wanted to thank you for curing my vertigo. My family doctor  told me that I had a virus in my ears and would have to just “ride it out”, that she couldn’t help me. Having helped me before with other aliments, I figured I’d better see you.  After starting the medicines you prescribed, my vertigo started to improve.  Within four days my balance was back! What a relief!
Thank you so much – I am so thankful that you’re in Ambler!


Hey Dr. Phyllis!!!
Hello! My life changed this weekend. Thank You!!!!! You must have known your role (and the role of everyone else who helped!!!). Amazing!! Thank You because I really need that!!!!!
I am so appreciative of the time, effort, and energy that you put into this workshop. I was so impressed with how everyone was so interested in helping each other and helping Jen and I, and they really meant it. True healing took place!!!  I am so grateful!! I knew it was coming though, and I am THANKFUL my lesson came with ease!!!
I am so excited!!! Today I am getting used to how I feel. I did sleep a good part of the day (you know I keep it moving!) I just HAD to rest. I am not the same person I was on Friday, and this is a GREAT THING!!!
So thank you to everyone who just took us in and let us be AND SHOWED US HOW TO BE!!!!
I am forever changed and SO GRATEFUL!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Dr. Phyllis!!
I just had to send you a GIANT Thank You!!! Oh where to start….first of all I am not the same person I was when I walked into class on Sunday, and that is a VERY good thing, especially since I was completely unaware of the fact that I was in such desperate need of change or more precisely healing…it’s funny how sometimes one can be so in tune with everyone else & yet not to themselves. I learned many many things from the seminar over the weekend and they extend beyond the incredible healing techniques that you taught us. One of the biggest lessons that I learned is that there is an enormous difference between putting your past behind you AND working through your past. You are truly unable to move forward in your life unless you allow the healing process to occur. No matter how much you put your past behind you, unless you ‘deal & heal’, you will only manifest those issues in a different fashion (ie. severe headaches, illlness, pain, etc.etc.).
I have said to you since the first time I came into your shop of how much I enjoy being in there- it is so warm, light, healing and comforting. I learned this weekend that not only is the store that way, but so are YOU, Marie, Jackie, and every one of the incredible ladies that attended the workshop this weekend! You have ALL forever altered my life, and for that I am truly & deeply thankful.
I have been touched and changed not only on the physical level, but on the emotional and Spirit levels as well, and all I can say is that it is simply profound…
I can not wait to take more of your classes!!!!!
I cannot thank you enough in helping me on my journey to not only heal others, but to heal myself as well!!!
Much Love & Healing to you from a new and improving Jen
PS- I also learned the value of a good box of kleenex too 

Dear Phyllis,
Just want to let you know that I came there and did a Compass Analysis and it completely co-insided with the blood test results I had gotten from my medical doctor.  The Compass was so convenient and only took a few minutes and was so accurate.  This is really exciting to know that I can find out what is going on in my body without the guesswork and non-invasively!  Thank you everyone at the Holistic Apothecary for your caring and just the way you explain things so carefully so that we can understand how to reverse symptoms in our body…

Butch C. thanks again I am going to send more people to you

Dear Phyllis,
I cannot thank you enough!!!   Since I have taken your Tre Sol Universoul Healing class this past Sunday and Monday, I feel like a whole new person. You were right, I do feel like I am in my own little world and so much more relaxed and at ease with myself and life.  I no longer let other peoples negative energy effect me.
I am very excited about my new life that I am about to embark on.  I now start my day with grounding meditation, concentrating on my breathing and choosing my Tarot card for the day.
Harriet was right, she always told me that she see’s me in the medical field, I now know where I am needed.  You have helped me open up and use my gift from God and what a wonderful gift it is. Oh, and I now find myself using Jill’s new outlook on life, LOL, how funny is that.
Thank you again and I will talk with you soon.
Love and friendship always

Dear Phyllis,
Phyllis Bucci helped my family achieve a healthier lifestyle by teaching us about the importance of feeding our bodies what they need and cleaning out the toxins. In doing this one of my children has been able to stop taking his ‘ADHD’ medicine. My son’s broken leg healed in 1/3 the normal time, and our over all health is better than it has ever been.  I feel empowered to make choices for my family concerning our health and well being. This has impacted my life so much that I decided to change my career path so that I could help others experience the wellness that I have.
Renee Fields ~ Conshohocken, PA

Dear Phyllis,
I just wanted to thank you for the Tre Sol class. It was such an exciting experience. The group of people who attended the class were awesome and made the class very comfortable. You are such a kind and loving person and that comes out in your teaching and you’re healing. I thank the universe everyday for bringing you into our lives. The difference in my wife’s health since she has been seeing you is absolutely amazing. Our lives are changing for the best and we are very excited about the future. I now have the ability to take my healing to the next level. I sort of did something to both of my knees while removing snow last week, after a few Tre Sol sessions the pain was non-existent. This is definitely cutting edge healing at its best. Well, all I can say is that I love you with all my heart and Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Jamie R

Dear Phyllis,
I wanted to take this time to send you my sincere thanks for all that you have done for me over these past several weeks. Your guidance and support have helped me gain a better understanding of the nutrition my body needs and of the balance that I can achieve. After following your plan for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed an overall increase in my energy level; I’ve noticed a decrease in headaches; healthier and more consistent digestion; and the constant bloating that I used to experience is gone. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and introducing me to a healthier way of living.
All my thanks from California,
Rachael J C

Dear Phyllis,

For several years my daughter has had stomach/digestive problems and, more recently, began to suffer from excessive fatigue.  After visiting several “traditional” doctors looking for the right treatment for her problems – all to no avail – I finally listened to my mother’s suggestion that I give Dr. Phyllis Bucci a call.  At the appointment, Phyllis really took the time to listen to my daughter’s problems and then she thoroughly explained how the body functions and what was really going on with my daughter’s system.  She recommended certain herbs and minerals and, as soon as my daughter started the recommended regime of just herbs and minerals, my daughter felt sooo much better she said she actually felt like a whole new person.  That was the 1st thing that made me a believer.  THEN . . . .

I decided to see Phyllis myself since I had been diagnosed with hypothyroid disease and had been prescirbed Snythroid (by 2 different endocrinolgists).  I was having some side effects from the Synthroid and wanted to see if there was some other alternative.  After meeting with Phyllis I stopped taking the Synthroid and started taking the herbs she recommended.  After taking the herbs for a few months I went back to an endocrinologist to see how things were going.  The endocrinologist was VERY skeptical about my decision to stop taking the Synthroid and to just take the herbs.  She ordered blood work and after getting the results, she was surprised to see that my lab results were all within normal limits.  Still skeptical, she ordered another round of blood work to be done 3 months later just to see if the benefits of the herbs would wean off.  Well- I am glad to report that the 2nd set of results came back and everything is perfect.  Now even the “traditional” doctor is a believer! ! !
All I can say now is – – – THANK YOU PHYLLIS!!!

Lisa B.