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Rob Greenidge

Rob Greenidge is a Graduate of Energetix College of Bio-Energetic medicine, currently enrolled in Trinity College of natural health, KST Certified (Koren Specific Technique- combination of cranial sacral, spinal stressology and chiropractic), Reiki Practitioner, Cranial Sacral Facial Release, CNHP, and DVNMA studied and certified under Dr. Frank Wyatt and a Jiu Jitsu instructor. Through many years of study/practice with guidance and support, working under and alongside my mother Dr. Phyllis Greco Bucci and mentor Dr.Wyatt, I adopted a unique system of diagnosing illness that includes ancient healing techniques with cutting edge technologies. In efforts to understand and overcome my own health challenges, I have become more and more fascinated with holistic approaches and modalities.

In the summer of 2011 while at a stop sign on my motorcycle, I was struck by an automobile doing 40+ mph. The automobile struck my bike, my bike slammed me snapping off the back rest and I was then struck by the automobile smashing the hood and windshield. Finally the driver had hit the brakes hurling me of the hood and across the asphalt road. The impact was so intense the front end of the car had snapped off and was logged into the back of my bike. I sustained multiple compound injuries. I suffered a severe concussion, seven herniated disk, badly bruised bones, muscle tearing and strain from my legs up. The medical community encouraged drugs and surgery. After paying for all these mri’s, scans , doctors appointment one after the other out of pocket with no insurance and no help from the underinsured driver I was financially forced to take my situation into my own hands. With a strong mental state, excessive willpower and lots of prayer and support from loved ones I began my path back to wellness. Emphasizing on nutrition, meditation and martial arts, I practice daily to reach deeper and deeper for more information and the honing of my skills to bring myself back into harmony. I am in constant search to find answers to benefit myself and others health and wellness. (new paragraph)

By using the body’s energy centers and meridians as a road map, my goal is to find the root cause of illness; thus creating an environment for effective treatment and true healing. Our bodies are like circuit boards. When the energy is not moving like it should, then the interruption creates a problem that we determine as an ailment. Once we are able to fix the flow of energy, then we are able to correct the imbalance. I believe the basis of good health, has very much to do with eating, digesting, assimilating and eliminating. By becoming aware of your own health status you will discover that anything that is ingested whether it is mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually affects us totally. Perception plays a huge and undeniable role in your health. Negative thinking comes in at such a low vibration and takes a big toll on your body temple. Our organs, glands, demeanor and behavior need to have unified harmony. If there is not a move towards this then it is chaos inside and outside us.

Armed with this knowledge, I take my studies into the field of athletic performance. I feel there is not enough emphasis on nutrition in our early childhood years especially in health class. Younger and older athletes fall victim to false advertisement and harmful substances for a false persona of physical appearance. A majority of these companies pay little attention to the overall well-being and health of the consumer. Once again, the body is formed with many systems. In order to perform at your peak you must take into consideration all of them. I share my knowledge in hope that we use supplements to assist rather than influence the natural process of adaptation and transformation. With this, I approach the body temple as a machine that must be fueled, lubricated, nourished and maintained.

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