Listed below you will find a few professionals that I partner with to help you further your journey.  I do not work with or refer anyone to any beings I myself do not go to.  Furthermore…I’ve worked with our partners for years before I refer them and gain a trust… and faith that is unsurpassed. The people I am loyal to are those that have beyond any shadow of a doubt shown their true connection to the divine.  Not only in their work, but who they are is what they are.  It is the same in me saying that I am what I do! My entire work ethic and my own integrity depend on it!

Lindsey DicksLindsey Dicks
Herb Specialist, Healer
Lindsey Dicks is an herb baby who was raised in the holistic field by her family. After attending Penn State and working in the city she decided to follow her true calling in natural health and energy healing. She then took an amazing Tre-Sol Universoul Healing class with Phyllis Bucci and has been practicing healing arts even since. ”It’s amazing to see people transform before your eyes,” she says. “That’s what I love about healing.”


Teresa Casey

Debby TaylorDebby Taylor
Angel Communicator, Ask Your Guardian Angels Specific Questions
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to your own guardian angels? A phone session with me allows you to do just that. A session often provides a strong sense of comfort, support or understanding in times of distress. And you can get deeper insights into what is currently happening for you or for others.
People love to ask specific questions about whatever is on their minds, such as: romantic relationships; career; spiritual development; life purpose or life theme; health; past lives; well-being of friends and family; loss of loved ones. You can find out what’s happening for a deceased loved one. Often, I receive much more than words from the angels, such as pictures and feelings. I can see things about people from a distance. All sessions include a complimentary audio recording. Call any day, noon to midnight EST 

Phone: 928-772-6826


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