Crystals are still a mystery to some.  But for others they are beauty from the earth, healing tools, the best gifts and beautiful when worn as jewelry.   For thousands of years in different cultures and various religions they have been used for healing, protection, various rituals and worn in the breastplates of the priests.  Some, like myself, see them as a source for light and energy.  I have collected them for a lifetime and began using them for my own healing and as healing tools for others.  Of course, let us not forget how they magnify the energy around the environment they are in and assist with the manifestation of intentions.

Their vibration is so high that just by holding one in your hand, you can close your eyes and feel the energy in your body shift.  This may take practice but you will eventually feel it.  I only say to close your eyes because it will heighten your sense of feeling. Whether you believe or not doesn’t matter in their being utilized, they have their own energy and can change a space in moments!  So if there was say for instance an argument in a room, you can smudge with sage or palo santo to clear and adding a crystal to the environment will purify and raise the energy.  Low will always go to meet high, high will never come down to meet low.

I feel that at the present time, using crystals to center and get focused, is a simple way to take a little break from the chaos.  Children are so open and drawn to their energies it fills my heart with such Joy!  They are so innocent and pure yet they feel the crystals energy and can tell you what they feel.  I see it all the time here at the shop when they come in. 

You can raise the vibration of your physical body the moment you hold the crystal in your hand… You can use them for meditation, to raise consciousness, increase intuition, health issues ( with a professional) as talisman and wear around your neck, hold them in your hand, have them in front of where you are sitting to meditate or on your desk at work for concentration.  Some crystals can even go into your drinking water to change the water and raise the energy of the water and it actually tastes better.  Do not just get any crystal and run and put it in water, some are very toxic if ingested.  That’s why I love my crystal bottle.  The crystals are in a separate section than the water but they still effect the change in the water.

The magnitude of the possibilities of working with stones is endless.  My hope is that you will at least give it a chance, to feel for yourself.

Here’s a little exercise to  help you get started!

Sit in a quiet comfortable spot.  No distractions.  I like to light a few candles one or none is fine, just my thing.  I believe the candle light helps to bring in the influence of divine guidance.  Maybe some soft meditative music.

Hold your crystal in your left hand.  If its one crystal, I do this because energy enters the body on the left.  And right to the heart.  Close your eyes.  Take a few deep conscious breaths and begin to follow the flow of the breath through the body.

Now, visualize the crystal you are holding, the color, what it feels like in your hand and begin to notice any sensations in the body.  A tightness that relaxes, little energy flows…it may not be profound at first but it is still doing what it does whether you know or not.

I don’t want to plant seeds but truthfully, you should begin to feel lighter  in your physical body and very relaxed.  We each will have a different experience.  I can only guarantee, you will feel lighter and more centered!

Have fun with it!  Experiment with them.  Connect with them, you won’t regret that’s for sure!


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