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Aromatherapy Recipes

To Feel Unconditional Love

6 ozs. carrier Oil or Pure spring water for external use, and for bathe soak 1/2 cup epsom salt and then add:

(the descriptions are a few of the magical qualities of the oil, there are many more! And if you don’t believe…your missing out!  But remember, your intention must be completely aligned with your purpose for the highest good.)

8 drops Rose EO (Love, Peace, Intimacy) or Palmarosa EO (Love, Healing) 5 drops (rose is expensive, PalmaRosa is fine to use)

4 drops Ginger EO   (Physical Energy, Love, Courage)

10 drops Lavender  (Health, Love, Conscious Mind)

6 drops Ylang Ylang  (Peace, Intimacy, Love)

Maybe you want to make this a bath salt for a nice romantic intention…

So you would put the piece/chip of rose quartz in the container for the oil, spritzer or even a bath salt and then put your oils in so that the energy of the rose quartz joins the frequency of the oils to magnify the power of the oils!


2 oz of distilled water

8 drops bergamot

5 drops lavender

3 drops roman chamomile

spray above head 3-4 times avoiding the eyes as needed when anxious or nervous


Study Blend

5 oz massage oil

3 drops lemon

3 drops peppermint

3 drops rosemary

Inhale when studying or taking tests


Immune Blend

(will also help to keep flu viruses and things from staying in the air to spread more)

4 oz.  Water or Enzyme spray

25 drops of Essential Shield Oil or On Guard Oil

Spray in the environment once or twice a day to remove any microbes you want to rid yourself of!

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