We will be doing Aromatherapy Workshops once a month.  Each month will be a different topic, from the emotional components of essential oils to first aid and health issues to homemade cleaning products. I’ll be teaching simple everyday integration of EOs for well being. Drawing from years of personal experience and professional training, I’ll include recipes and simple usage guidelines.  As soon as you begin to understand that they are just energy, you’ll see why it makes sense to use these scents to raise the vibration in you and in your environment.  With so many people becoming interested in using the Essential Oils for healing, I am excited to be here to guide, support and answer any questions.  I will share with you the companies I work with, but feel free to choose a company that works for you. This is a “How to Use Safely, with Fun, and Heal with them” workshop.   Each month’s topic are posted so that you can see where you resonate!

Cost: $35               Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm (weekdays) or 9:30am-11:30am (Saturdays)

  • Aromatherapy 101

    If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These oils are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants and have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.  Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years for their amazing benefits for health and well being! Understanding the proper ways of using essential oils and how a natural daily practice like this benefits your mind, body, and spirit is what you will learn in this basic, fun workshop.  I will teach you dilution and everyone will leave with a roll on that you will make so you have the experience to easily do it at home!

  • Healing the Emotions

    Learn about the emotional characteristics of  Essential Oils and how to use this gift to heal.  When we heal, we heal from Top to Bottom and the Inside out.  That means from our Mind to our toes and from the Soul level out!  Utilizing the energy of the plant vibrations assists by raising the vibration in the limbic system (emotional center) of the brain to reverse lower frequencies creating  negative thoughts and causing  Anxiety, Insomnia, PTSD from trauma and many other issues!  Much of this can sometimes evolve from cellular memory.  How do you find out for sure?  How do you learn the causation of a symptom?  Come to this workshop and find out!!

  • Spiritual Aromatherapy and Personal Care

    In our quest for spiritual awareness there is process that we go thru to refine our vibrations and raise the frequency level in the body.  Denser energies start to fall away because they cannot remain where there is a higher vibration present.  This is when we are open to feeling the light of our higher self.  We have many tools to use to evolve, meditation, Reiki, tuning forks, crystal or metal singing bowls all of which also raise our vibrations. In this workshop you will learn which of the oils complement the different modalities you may choose.  It will also cover some self care spritzers and lotions you may want to make and use to clear out using the chemical based products that are so dangerous.

  • Physical Healing, Medicinal Uses of EOs

    When you begin to incorporate essential oils into your daily care it becomes natural.  Over time, because of the anti fungal, anti depressant, anti viral, anti septic properties  of the oils begins to go deep into the body and detoxify so that eventually you begin to notice an improvement in your mind and your health.  Not getting sick as often, possibly some pains relieved, no more headaches you used to have. This workshop is to introduce you to the many uses of EO’s for healing for physical issues.  Everyone will be able to make a salve or lotion of their choice to take home!

  • Creating a Safe Home and Environment

    To be determined 2018

    This workshop is designed so that you learn the how to’s of taking harmful, chemical ridden, toxic cleaning products out of you life and replace them with the anti fungal, anti bacterial Essential Oils for soaps, laundry, cleaning, babies products, skin care, personal care.  Simple, easy and smells that will make you feel euphoric  and even bump up immune and possibly stop illnesses from recirculating thru your home.

  • First Aid and Oils for Children and Pets

    Any time there is a traumatic experience our emotions are just spread all over the place.  Just inhaling the oils is enough to calm the traumatic effect on the body and to calm the mind! (If you’re using oils yourself for stress you should be fine to assist in an emergency until further care is there at least.) In this workshop you will learn about using Essential Oils for emergencies, and also for children with focusing, immune system, relaxing.  And for our furry friends, safe use of oils for them also.