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Attracting what you want with ease!!

The Law Of Attraction and 

Using it not just hearing about it!

Week 1 Live With Phyllis and Kim

Wednesday January 3, 2018

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Everyone knows we have laws.  But there is a set of Laws called Universal Laws.  They are not decided by a government or any one group.  They are aligned with the natural energy flow that surrounds us and moves through us all the time all our lives.  We get the most out of them when we don’t resist this source of energy.  We actually really control it with our thoughts every single second of our lives. They are easily accessed on the Internet and written maybe a word or two differently but the Law itself stays the same.  

In simple terms the Universal Laws can be described as the Dynamics of Energy Movement and how you can access and use them to your advantage in your life and achieve as much as you want!  And no one can take this ability away from you!

We have prepared an outline to help you to acquaint yourself with and begin to use these Laws to improve the quality of your life and happiness and to get to a place where you really realize and feel how Love is such a huge vibration for bringing things to us.  When we cut out all the sabotaging self talk.  When we learn to trust there is a power greater than us.  Stick with it and you will see the changes, synchronicity, stress reduced in your life, more ease in making decisions and a way to implement in your life the ability to “Go with the Flow”…. Today is about the Law Of Attraction

To begin…this week use the following steps to increase your awareness about your thoughts and that you want to give yourself YOU time!

First…Learn to quiet your mind.  If you’ve never practiced this before, start with 3 minutes and work your way up to at least 10 minutes.  This will allow you to relax and be in the moment you are working with.

Then…Picture what you want.  Be absolutely sure about what it is you want.  Do not doubt for a second that you are capable of getting it!  When you think of what you want you are literally putting an order out to the Universe with your thoughts and if you doubt your self you are sending a mixed frequency and you most likely won’t wind up with what you wanted!

Feel passionate and enthusiastic about what it is! 

Next…See it as already manifested and you have it already.  The more details you include the better.  If its your dream house, see yourself pulling up to it after work.  If its a new job you would love to do, see yourself doing it and loving it.  If its a special someone you desire, see yourself spending time with them, even getting that first kiss!!!

Now…Write it down as if you already have what you want.  Start with “I am so grateful that I live in my dream house.”  Every day write it down until it happens. Every day!  Close your eyes and see it as it happening and already there.

By Now..You should FEEL IT…act, walk around and think in terms as if you already have it.  If you do this, you are actually sending the message out that you have it already and it doesn’t look like you need it anymore!

Be Grateful for receiving all that you have.   Be thankful for what you have because the more you are thankful the more the universe wants you to have because you are thankful.  Be thankful for everything.  Parking spaces, your favorite shirt on sale, the call you were waiting for happened…you didn’t get the promotion you wanted but you find out you would have to move to Alaska and you didn’t want that…say THANK YOU!

Last but absolutely not least TRUST…Know without any shadow of a doubt that there is a power greater than us.  Don’t  Ask and then allow for the universe to make it happen at exactly the right time and for all the right reasons.  Don’t worry about how.  It’s already worked out, it just hasn’t manifested yet.  If you worry, its like telling the Universe you don’t think they can bring you what you asked for and that cancels it out.  If you think for one second, that the Universe is not as powerful as it is…that will block everything.

So….Start with something that you really want to achieve.  Put these steps into practice and be open to all that is available and realize how much power you have over your own life and all that you are surrounded by!

Let us know if you need some assistance!  Feel free to inbox either one of us and we will get back to you asap!!!  Each week we will examine different Universal Laws to help you to get in sync and move forward on your journey with Faith, Trust and Love in your life!

How do we know….WE JUST DO IT!


Do things that make you really happy.  Have pictures around or affirmations next to the mirror where you brush your teeth.  Think happy thoughts. Change the frequency of what you are putting out!  Jump around dance and scream and just feel all the joy!  In order to make this work, focus on simple things first to integrate these steps and then when you see that they work, pretty quickly, you will learn to trust and have faith.  That’s huge. Focus as often as you can on what you DO want not on what you don’t want. If you are angry or upset about an issue that has been going on, and angry focus on Peace.  At that exact moment choose it!  Think of what you do want.  If your focus stays on what you don’t want thats where the energy will go.

Feel the Love for having what you wanted.  Love is the highest of all vibrations and the fact is that all desires are heart felt and this is where we send out what we want.

Be patient.  It may not be a day or a week or a couple weeks even.  The minute you have doubt, that is how you cancel out what you dreamed and asked the universe for.






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