The art of Drumming has
been used in many cultures for thousands of years.  From religious ceremony, as a way to
communicate, connecting with spiritual energy…an ancient art used
therapeutically for the results it presented.

Medical has already done
the research and one thing that they have confirmed is that drumming causes
Entrainment in the brain…that means that the right and left side of the brain
are balanced! So that means that the logical side and intuitive start to work
together…guess what happens…your intuition becomes stronger!

Drumming has also shown
in research that new neural connections grow and this helps to deepen our
experience of the healing it promotes. 

I have personally witnessed the response with clients with pain, depression, Alzheimer’s and a few other issues.  I learned drumming 15 years ago and LOVE it!

Drumming increases the Alpha waves (calm-meditative) and this helps with depression, high blood pressure among other things.  Beta waves are when your in concentration mode!

So check it out! Nothing
to lose but all the feelings you may want to balance!


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