Your body has an
innate ability to heal itself and maintain balance with the right nutrients.  Some nutrients, trace minerals, copper, zinc,
chromium to name a few, are the minerals that help the body to get into and
stay in balance.  Our body doesn’t manufacture
these minerals that is why it is important to supplement and get them from your
food.  Iodine is a trace mineral.  You remember in school the mineral
chart.  Do you know why Iodine is at the
top in the middle by itself?  You need
iodine for thyroid hormones to control body metabolism.  You can get iodine from seaweed, grains and
eggs.  They don’t teach you this in
school, but without Iodine, needed in every cell, you don’t absorb any of the elements
below it on the chart!

 I believe the best absorption and to get the
balance you need is to get your minerals and nutrients from foods.  HERBS ARE FOOD.  I don’t take a specific vitamin.  I take herbs that contain the vitamins and
minerals my body needs.  They are in
their natural compounds and easily digested and assimilated by the body.  If you start taking trace minerals by themselves,
chances are that you will take too much or not enough and cause an imbalance
somewhere.  For example, too much zinc could
cause a deficiency in copper because they are both absorbed in the gastrointestinal
tract and in a similar way so you may wind up copper deficient.   It
also helps to form hemoglobin and collagen. Then your hair starts to thin and
fall out because it depends on oxygen at the follicle to grow…and for the hair
color.  Yes lack of copper is gray hair!  Foods high in copper, you can start with beef
liver, cashews, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, chickpeas and legumes.

 We need zinc for many reasons.  It helps the immune system to protect us from
viruses and bacteria, to make proteins and DNA. 
When you are pregnant and through childhood the body uses zinc to grow
and develop properly.  Zinc deficiency
can present in the body as poor memory, brain fog, frequent colds, leaky gut,
hair loss or gray hair, PICA (cravings for non foods) and slow wound healing
are only a few symptoms.  You can get
zinc from burdock, chamomile, parsley, turmeric, sage, oregano, garlic.  Veggies such as broccoli, spinach collard greens,
kale, mushrooms and asparagus.   Fruits
such as pomegranate, avocado, blackberries (my favorite) raspberries, apricots,
bananas and many more!

So you see the body
always wants to be in balance.  Calcium
and magnesium are really important especially if your heart freezes….Magnesium
relaxes the heart muscle.  The body uses
calcium to stiffen up during stress and then looks for magnesium to relax.   Problem is if you used it all from the
stress of last week and you didn’t have any extra resource in the body, well do
I have to really explain this scenario? 
Hope not.   Just take the essential
nutrients for proper balanced functions in the body and be healthy and have a
happy life!

Hope this helps you
out a bit and come and see us if you want more!

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