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What is an Herbal Hour?

It’s an hour, once a month, that I will be teaching about natural health.  It will be information based on my 30+ years of experience and education and application of natural ways of caring and feeding the body.  It’s not just about herbs and vitamins.  I also cover about the design of the body.  The flow system.  How to unthink the hose and feel alive! I teach you how what your thinking is key.

I will have handouts, CD’s in some instances, and answer questions related to your needs.  I will also be showing you a few ways that you can ask your body what it needs.  We will absolutely cover emotional dynamics of your health.  You will understand how your body on the outside tells the story of the inside!

It doesn’t mean throw out your medicine, you will just be educated to take control of your own health and have an understanding  that will allow you to ask the right questions when working with western medicine.  While your masking symptoms, my goal is to teach you how to heal from the inside out.  The importance of good digestion.  What is causing what?  How to find the cause.

You will learn, not to manage your dis ease, how to reverse it!  You will be learning about the time tested garden of healing to bring you to the place you want to be!

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, these herbal hours will be priceless for you…if you’re ready to commit to being healthy and enjoying your life and possibly helping someone else at the same time, this is for you! You can share this info and help family.  This is an excellent opportunity for anyone thinking of transitioning into the alternative health field and see how rewarding it is to help others improve their life!

Cost is $11.00

Every Second Thursday of Every Month. Call to reserve if you are going to attend.

If you are a part of our Natures Sunshine group this is an opportunity for you to learn and help others.  Using the iTovi or Zyto Compass makes it simple, accurate and doable for anyone.  I have newsletters about any disorder you can think of that you are welcome to share with others!

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