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Grounding is a simple way of connecting Heaven and Earth!  We all have an etheric cord of energy that moves through our body and plugs us into the center of the Earth. We are so deprived of this Earth Energy connection in today’s world.  You can ground by walking around barefoot in the grass, hugging a tree or my favorite – feeling the sand on the beach!  This cord runs through the Root Chakra (base of spine and pubic bone) into the Earth Star Chakra.  The Root Chakra is associated with feeling grounded and secure. When the lower chakras become unbalanced is when this cord gets weakened and you can start to feel scattered, not intuitively connected, forgetful, unfocused or scattered about. It’s possible these effects will prevent you from manifesting things as quickly as you’d like. You really need to be grounded to be totally aligned with your intention and the highest good of what you are asking for. Grounding yourself is a necessary aspect of manifesting physical change.  We definitely don’t want that to happen, especially if you’re also working on Patience!

Which Crystals can you use?

So this is usually what I like to do.  I teach you this as a foundation and you can start here and run with the energy….

I use the terminated quartz crystals to surround the body and to assist in directing the energy up for loosening up stagnant thinking and feeling. This means the crystals with the apex (point) facing up or down alongside the receiver.  By directing the crystal’s terminated side down, I am able to bring spirit in and harness it to center, helping the body to become grounded and calm.

Effective stones to use are: Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Red Jasper, Garnet and Smokey Quartz.  These are my favorite to use, but there are many others.  You can go to my site and read a little more about what these stones are good for and choose and make it more personal.

My Simple Grounding Grid!

This is a grid you can build and then lay in the center to ground or center if you’re alone.  But it’s always fun to have someone make it for you and then receive a little Reiki.  Why Not?

I like the receivers head facing north.  Reason being, Universal polarity runs North to South.  Your body energy, when it is aligned and running correctly, goes up the back, over the head and down the front.  So this will allow for the Universal polarity to feed the energetic body and assist in the balancing. It is also the best direction to sleep, hence your energy field is supported while you’re sleeping!

I choose the crystals I’m going to work with and hold them to connect and set my intention and ask for guidance.  You may want to also place the chakra crystals on the corresponding chakras to increase centering and balancing.  Start slow, the energy of the crystals is nothing to take lightly.  I have had a few experiences myself playing around and the energy became a bit intense for me!!! Imagine that!


I place the grounding stone at the feet.  I place a Tanzanite, pyrite and Herkimer diamond at the top of the head a few inches apart. The tanzanite connects the Soul Star chakra.  This is where the spiritual energy and Divine love enter the body.  It is also sometimes referred to as the Seat of the Soul. This will assist with spiritual development also and I think that is key in incorporating the direct connection of Heaven and Earth.

Next I place my quartz crystal points, clear quartz or lemurian, one at a time around the body.  I lay an equal amount of points on either side.  Whatever other complimentary crystals I use can be in any denomination. It all depends on what I am creating and what I need to do just that.

Whatever order I place the crystals, at the end of the healing I remove them in exactly the reverse order.  First crystal I put down is the last to be removed from the grid.  It just feels right!

You can spend as much or as little time to do this grounding technique.  I would do a minimum 10 minutes.  But relax enjoy put some nice music on and Happy Grounding!


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