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Feng Shui

So you want to make some changes with what is not working in your life?  Feng Shui is a way to make it happen.  View it as a way to energetically ask (by the placement of things in your environment) the universe for what you want!

This workshop teaches the dynamics of Feng Shui to recreate your environment to resonate with all that you would like to manifest in your life (In any area, such as love, health, relationships, or career).  Dr. Bucci Grecco uses a Baqua floor plan layout designed by Feng Shui Masters Ralph and Lahni De Amicis.  As Astrologers, they uniquely blended the Baqua with the houses in the Zodiac to really complete the energy and outcome.  This is a fun workshop with lots of learning!  Each student is asked to bring a floor plan from a space in their house that doesn’t work: a kitchen nobody eats in, an office you can’t work in, a family room nobody wants to sit in…..etc. Dr. Bucci teaches in very simple terms so that anyone that attends, leaves knowing exactly how to Feng Shui.

By now, most people have at least heard the term, “Feng Shui,” but it’s real meaning still remains a mystery.  It really isn’t that mysterious, or at least, it doesn’t have to be.  The reason for the confusion comes when one tries to apply an Asian concept to a Western lifestyle without making the necessary adjustments. 

There are many schools of Asian Feng Shui: Form School, Compass School, Black Hat Sect, as well as countless other “schools” from various cultures throughout history.   I teach Western Feng Shui because that’s where we live.  They all have their unique qualities and cures for life’s problems, but they each become more useful if you combine the best of all of them into a more practical, modern body of knowledge.  By utilizing this knowledge you  can create a harmonious balance of chi’ (energy) for your home or business.   Use your body as a tool to feel and really embrace what energetic flow is in and around your house and then fine-tune to your liking.  Feng Shui has many different theories but don’t lose sight of the fact that what ‘feels right’ to you is ultimately Feng Shui.


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