What exactly do WE do in a consultation?

(You and I)

My main reason for doing what I do is to educate you about your body, the workings of it in a very simple and easy to understand way.  Then, you can work on prevention, reversing and maintaining a healthy life style!  If your not healthy, nothing else really matters.  Without your health you cannot live life to your fullest.  I want to help you to get there.  You can make educated decisions.

First of all, be open to implementing the necessary changes in your perspective that have led you to my door.   I believe totally, when you find me, you are ready to find me. That simply means, you are ready to make the commitment to following a personal protocol tailored specifically for you. You and I will work together, so that you learn how to release anything that is blocking your ability to be healthy, wherever it stems from.  I can teach you and assist you in your healing, it will happen from within you when you are ready. Your new understanding will help you to feel better much sooner also.  My clients get amazing results when they follow my protocol exactly and begin to listen to their body!  Either you’re ready or you’re not.  If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired then chances are you are here for a reason.

What Part of this is your responsibility?

I request a 3 month commitment to your healing.  This is based on the fact that it takes the body 60-90 days to rebuild with all new cells.  The protocol will catalyze the assimilation of the nutrients to give your body new and healthy building blocks.  There are also remedies that help to gently cleanse. However, it does not take that amount of time to see or feel results.

A consultation consists of energy scans so that I can see where the deficiencies are in the body that are causing the symptoms.  I explain what I am looking at and the story your body is telling me.  I also do phone consultations for people that are out of state.  I do Kinesiology (muscle testing) to see what nutrients the body is responding to based on what I am getting intuitively.  In our conversation I pay close attention to what you say and what you don’t say!  My gift has served my clients and friends well for at least the past 20 years.

I view the body as an orchestra….it has 12 instruments.  We call them Digestive, endocrine, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, reproductive…etc. When one of the instruments is out of sync or out of tune, the symphony….your body’s song (energy) misses a beat and we call them symptoms.  We find the cause and begin there.  Truth be told, in real life our body’s glands and organs all vibrate exactly to a musical note on the chromatic scale…all 12 notes from C to B!  Read more about this here.

The body can only assimilate and use natural (from nature) substances.  That vibration from nature is what will assist in the healing. That is what the body knows.  It doesn’t know chemicals and synthetic materials.

Where do I start?

The body only has to do three things: 1. Assimilate Nutrients, 2. Rebuild and 3. Cleanse out toxins. Your digestion has to be working correctly and that means elimination also.

Simple rule,  If  your not going to the bathroom and moving your bowels 3 times a day that is a huge problem brewing.  YES 3 TIMES a DAY!!  If 3 trains go into a tunnel how many should come out?  A baby eats, poops, sleeps…..why should that cycle stop….and where is the toxic waste going if its not going out of the body? it is seeping into the blood stream thru the colon walls and then being recycled through the body and putting undue stress on the digestive system and organs of elimination.  Your blood gets dirty and then all of your filtration organs get backed up or overly toxic and they can’t do all of the functions freely that they should be.  Here’s my favorite example:

Your body is a fish bowl. The water is the fluid that your cells live in and the fish is your cell.  The fish, your cell, can only be as healthy, as the water in the bowl is clean.  This water is your biological terrain.  Your cells need to assimilate nutrients from these fluids if it is full of recirculated toxins.   This also puts undo strain on the liver that has other functions also that get put on hold like manufacturing hormones.

What do you walk away with from a Healing Consultation?

You have an understanding, an awareness of how the body really heals itself.  You are given the emotional shift to allow the body to handle stress differently.  You learn the nutrients your body needs to rebuild and peace of mind to enjoy life more.  It makes sense to you and you understand why you are doing everything and the benefits.  We work to release the thought input (emotional cause) that became also a causative factor.  I hope that you will reach out when you are drawn to, when you are ready and I will be here to guide this journey until…Peace and Blessings, I look forward to meeting you.  We have testimonials if you are interested in reading what others have experienced.

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