Can you benefit from Quantum Life Analysis and Toning?  Yes!

Recognizing that stress accounts for close to 90%  of all diseases, almost everyone will experience tremendous benefit from a noninvasive modality designed to support the body’s own innate healing ability. Biofeedback has been scientifically proven to reduce your stress and improve the quality of life. Quantum Life Analysis offers insights into the body electric to help the individual understand the underlying causes of stress. It consists of powerful balancing modalities that analyze the stress indicators in the body, and also can help bring the body into balance by energetic stimulation thru toning to promote balance and harmony.

Sessions can vary from 25 up to 60 minutes. To maximize your experience, sessions consist of relaxing in the healing room and listening on headphones to tones that feed the missing vibrations back into the body!
Sound too relaxing? Call today, schedule yours and we’ll work on that!

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