At Holistic Apothecary, we offer a few different spiritual guidance services. All Divinely guided, putting things in perspective and bringing peace of mind!

Karen Flore – Divination through a regular deck of cards. Her intuitive accuracy and clarity has been well received for many years. Call 215-367-5380 to schedule an appointment with Karen.

Peggy Jacobs – Vibrational Toning uses each person’s own sound to align their vibrational frequency with their guides. This vibration creates a channeled pathway for the energy of each person’s own guides. Vibrational sounds raise your energy frequency towards the higher frequency of the guides.Toning enables your guides to assist you in your spiritual development,thus creating peace, love and harmony in your life. Each person has a set of personal guides for the journey. Through Vibrational Toning, Margaret Claire raises the vibrational pathway. Your personal guides connect with this energy to bring forth your own Angel Messages. The purpose is to develop your own special gifts, helping you ground and remain centered with your spiritual core.