Throughout the course of our living and being we suffer known and unknown stresses to our bodies. The known would be cuts, scrapes, bruises, broken bones etc. Those that are visible and overt. The unknown, are transient aches and pains from twisting the wrong way, childbirth, dental work, grief, everyday stresses, etc. All these seem to amend themselves. Our bones repair, the bruises fade, the swellings reduce, and we recover from surgery. The symptoms are treated and leave—so we believe.


Fortunately and unfortunately, the body has memories. Fortunately for us the body once invaded by foreign proteins, remembers by forming antibodies towards them, never allowing these dis-eases to enter again. Unfortunately, the body also remembers the injuries, both physical and mental, by packing them away in the fascia, twisting and distorting it so that eventually this twisting and distorting affects our internal terrain. If ignored this ultimately leads to disharmony, this disharmony reveals itself as pain.


Tre Sol Universal Healing Art unwinds the fascia. It restores harmony to the body. When this is accomplished, the body can easily defend.  Unwinding the fascia reduces stress on internal organs; they begin functioning naturally the way they were intended. The absence of pain brings feelings of freedom and well-being. It addresses and assists in the release of emotions, deeply rooted in the psyche, that become manifest in the physical as disease.  Tre Sol Universal Healing Art brings in the spiritual healing, the core connection to source, ever flowing to create harmony thru the physical body.

Tre Sol Universal Healing Art is a compilation of key components from several powerful and proven energy modalities:  Usui Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Brain-Therapy (Cranial Sacral Fascial Release).  In our practice, it has proven many times that this combination is energetically more powerful than the individual parts.

Reiki assists the body in spiritual healing and the energy flow from source.  Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art similar to accupuncture but no needles. JSJ is especially useful because it releases emotional stagnation and blockages in the energy flow of the body.  Sort of like a kink in a garden hose!  and Cranio Sacral to release the cellular memory in the body of trauma in the fascia.


The following symptoms have been successfully treated by this art in children and adults:

Asthma                                                                      Reflux

Depression                                                                 Autism

Headaches                                                                 Epilepsy

Neck aches                                                                Dyslexia

Back aches                                                                Scoliosis

Hyper Activity                                                          TMJ syndrome

ADD/ADHD  (Learning Disorders)                             Earaches

Sinus Conditions                                                        Strabismus

Throat Conditions                                                      Cerebral Palsy

Colic                                                                          Vertigo

A wide variety of Chronic Ailments


Tre Sol Universoul Healing Art Reiki Session with Phylls-  1 hour

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