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Tre Sol Universoul Healing Art

Totally non-invasive, restores harmony to the body by unwinding the Fascia (web-like connective tissue). Unwinding the fascia reduces stress on internal organs; they begin to function the way they were intended. It is a blending of key components from several powerful and proven energy modalities. In our practice, it has proven many times that this combination is energetically more powerful than the individual parts.

While we are not treating or claiming to cure any condition, we have seen positive results on the following when using Tre Sol Universoul Healing Art:

Asthma                                                                       Reflux
Depression                                                                 Autism
Headaches                                                                  Epilepsy
Neck aches                                                                 Dyslexia
Back aches                                                                 Scoliosis
Hyper Activity                                                           TMJ syndrome
ADD/ADHD  (Learning Disorders)                          Earaches
Sinus Conditions                                                       Strabismus
Throat Conditions                                                     Cerebral Palsy
Colic                                                                             Vertigo wide variety of Chronic Ailments

Tre Sol Universoul Healing – $111 for 1 hour

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