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FB Live Archive

Facebook Live Archive

Here you will find all of our FB Live Shows with Phyllis and Kim. You can catch them Live every Wednesday at noon. We are also turning these into blog posts.

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2016-2017 Archive


1/3/2018 – Attracting What You Want with Ease          Outline

1/10/2018 – They’re rubber…You’re glue…Everything you say sticks back to you          Outline

1/17/2018 – Law of Attraction

1/24/2018 – Would you rather be right or happy?

1/31/2018 – Manifesting Goals and Desires

2/7/2018 – Law of Rhythm

2/14/2018 – What’s love got to with it!?

2/22/2018 – In retrospect, what have you learned in life’s lessons?

2/28/2018 – Why does being alone have to be a bad thing? Well…it doesn’t!

3/14/2018 – Recentering yourself

3/28/2018 – Feeling foggy?! Get some clarity now!

4/4/2018 – How do you stay connected to those around you but detached from their drama? 

4/12/2018 – Setting boundaries

4/19/2018 – Living your truth

4/25/2018 – Expressing your true feelings

5/9/2018 – Staying positive

5/16/2018 – Get spiritual, get free

5/24/2018 – Saying yes once does not have to be a life sentence

5/31/2018 – How to let things go with ease!

6/6/2018 – Who’s to blame?

6/13/2018 – Mind your business, in a positive way of course!

6/20/2018 – Stop overthinking

6/27/2018 – Intentions

7/11/2018 – Letting go of toxic relationships

7/18/2018 – Signs 101!

7/25/2018 – Speak up, buttercup!

8/1/2018 – Getting out of your comfort zone!

8/22/2018 – Letting others define you

8/29/2018 – Stuck on how to ask for what you want?

9/5/2018 – Let go of that E-G-O!

10/3/2018 – Just Be You!

10/10/2018 – Coincidence vs Synchronicity 

10/17/2018 – Grounding & Root chakra

10/24/2018 – Feeling blocked…not yourself…detached????

10/31/2018 – Harnessing the power within


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