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2016-2017 Facebook Live Shows with Phyllis and Kim

1 – Tools

2 – Using your inner Soulutions

3 – Simple steps to getting unstuck

4 – Patience 101

5 – Manifesting the life you want through gratitude

6 – Releasing blockages through forgiveness

7 – Awareness as the catalyst for the change you desire

8 – Saying No without guilt

9 – Believing in the magic of you


10 – Thank you 2016, Welcome 2017

11 – 2017 will be what you make it

12 – Getting out of your own way

13 – Speaking your truth

14 – Rewriting your story

15 – Connect to your inner knowledge

16 – Taking the steps to living your dream

17 – Moving from hostility to love in any relationship

18 – Moving from fear to resolution

19 – Where’s your enthusiasm


20 – Understanding the experiences you’re living

21 – Steps to being aligned with your intentions

22 – Your prayers really are being answered

23 – Never give up on your dreams

24 – Self-talk or Self-sabotage

25 – Recognizing the signs that you’re on the right path

26 – Choosing peace

27 – Always see the glass as half full

28 – Deliberate thinking

29 – True balance


30 – Holding that peaceful space

31 – Making your own sunshine

32 – Finding and using your spirituality

33 – That little voice you’re hearing is smarter than you think

34 – Aligning Your thoughts with Your desires

35 – Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up

36 – Independence…living the natural you

37 – Say what you want to say

38 – Releasing anger and getting to the root

39 – Getting back up after life knocks you down


40 – Creating vs Reacting

41-See it. Feel it. Get it. Putting it all into practice

42-Start with believing in yourself

43-Turning blocks into bricks

44-Unity through Compassion

45-Communication skill check

46-The shadow self

47-Taking the subconscious to a new level

48-In a crises, educate yourself don’t hibernate

49-Transitioning smoothly with the seasons of change


50-So the rug got pulled out, now what

51-Key to getting everything you desire

52-Witch power do you have?

53-Self compassion as a means of growth(Part 1)   (Part 2)

54-Tis the season for an attitude of gratitude

55-Truth, the easiest path

56-Becoming aware of your higher self

57-Let the magic in your life begin

58-Letting go of anger, grudges and miscommunications, allowing for a fresh start

59-Are you too emotionally attached


60-Accepting change with no exceptions

61-Throw away the resolutions… Be who you want to be

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