Level I, II and Master

with Kim DiBrito, RMT, CRM, CCHt

Crystal Reiki will add such a beautiful and elegant aspect not only to your Reiki practice, but to your life

as well. You will find this course special in that it combines the scientific and technical aspects of

Crystal Reiki with the other more mysterious metaphysical side of this work. In this One-Day

Certification course, you will learn how to effectively work in harmony and confidence with both Reiki

and crystals together to create powerful healing results.

It is mandatory that you are coming into this course with previous Reiki experience and have

completed Reiki Levels I and II, to ensure you have a solid understanding of Reiki energy and your role

as a Practitioner.

It is well known that Healers have been utilizing crystals and healing energy as powerful tools for

thousands of years. Crystals transmit and amplify energy. Crystals also store knowledge and

information. Because each kind of crystal vibrates at its own unique set of frequencies, the crystal can

work on a specific condition or problem while helping to restore a state of balance and harmony to the

mind and body.

In Level I, we will focus on the technical aspects of Crystal Reiki and becoming familiar with the crystals

and their healing structure. In Level II, we will focus on the practical aspects of performing Crystal Reiki

and learn more about assessing and setting intentions in session.

The Master Level is where we will explore how the crystals have an impact on their combined

resonance and how to use the newly introduced Crystal Reiki symbols as templates for those layouts.

You will receive your attunement during this Master Level Course.


-There are no specific crystal supplies needed for this course

-You must bring a copy of your current Reiki Certification Certificate to class

-Workbook, Crystal Reiki Healer Starter Pack, lunch and lite snacks provided

-Upon completion, you will receive a Crystal Reiki Master Certificate


Spaces are limited. Reservations are required.