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Reiki Master Certification

Dates : May 6th & 7th or October 14th & 15th

You’ll want to take Reiki Master Certification if any of the following apply to you….

  • You are Reiki level II practitioner and ready to take the next step to Reiki Mastery.
  • OR you are already a Reiki Master and would like to enhance your Reiki training and skills.
  • Professional Quality Reiki Master Teacher Training
  • Includes Japanese Reiki Techniques

In this class you will learn about healing techniques and energy to help yourself and others.

  • Receive the Advanced Practitioner attunement which raises the vibrational frequency of the Reiki energy.
  • Experience the Usui Master practitioner symbol, which increases the effectiveness of the other symbols and strengthens intuitive awareness of Divine guidance.
  • Learn to discern the subtle energies connected with the Reiki symbols, through a guided meditation that can help to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness.
  • Learn advanced techniques to facilitate goals and learn spiritual lessons
  • Use Reiki to strengthen your light and raise the vibration of the collective creative consciousness to facilitate peace and healing.
  • Learn to create a special Reiki energy matrix in the form of a crystal grid, which continuously transmits healing energy for specific purposes.
  • Practice the aura clearing/energetic technique to assist in removing dense psychic energy from yourself and others.

The Reiki Master Portion of the class includes:

  • The complete Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master teacher attunement and training
  • Instruction and PRACTICE giving and receiving attunements for Reiki levels I, II,
  • Introduction and attunement to two Tibetan Reiki Master symbols, bring the total symbols to six. PRACTICE with the symbols
  • Learn how to give yourself attunements and PRACTICE
  • Learn and PRACTICE Advanced Reiki meditation to balance the chakras and harmonize the energy bodies
  • Discuss the values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master
  • Discover what becoming a Reiki Master means

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