The Energetic Blueprint

Energetically our body is a field of information. Every imbalance or symptom in our body has its point of origin somewhere. Using the tools taught in this class, you will learn to access the energetic blueprint, which is accessing information from your body to uncover the route or pathway being compromised. You will learn to  approach it from a reflex point of view.

Throughout our lives, our bodies work as sending and receiving stations, processing large amounts of information with amazing abilities. Using these reflex points as a form of checks and balances we will start to uncover the truth and origin of an illness. When we approach health and wellness by working on symptoms, we have already missed the point. We are chasing a ghost. There is a cause and effect of each problem. Focusing on the effect will not get you anywhere. The effect is not the problem. The effect is victim and the cause is the problem.

We have some control over the end result of how our body works and functions up to a point. That is the point of awareness. If we are not in touch with our body as a field of information, we will miss what is necessary to keep us healthy. Lack of understanding is a precursor to the health problem you will encounter. Taking responsibility for your own self preservation is an important first step to being well.

In this workshop you will learn:

1.The body Blue Print

2. Intro to reflexes (the reflex network)

3. Mapping out the Organs and Body Systems

4. Mapping out Nutrient reflex points and their role in survival

5. Understanding General reflexes and connecting the dots