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Well, all day long I hear: How do I change my thinking?  How do I change my perception?  What can I do to find a new home?  How do I find a relationship? It’s so hard.  I can’t do that.  I’m trying. I’ve been like this forever!  YES!  And so was I. Until I started to change the way I was seeing everything.  If you don’t like or are not happy with what you are witnessing outside of you it is time for inside work! Your thinking – becoming crystal clear and aware of your thoughts. Clear, precise intention and visualization.   The Full Moon energy works with you to release at the core level including cellular memory and things blocking you from attaining whatever dreams or desires you have.  At the time of the full moon it is important to focus on releasing the old and the past.  At the time of a New Moon, we are more focused on setting intentions in moving forward.

I already had a real grasp that we create everything with our thoughts.   EVERYTHING!  So, what was I thinking specifically that was making all this chaos in my life (which is behind me now)?    I began feeling ready more recently to be in a relationship.  One that would be different and more aligned with who I am now and becoming.  Who I am now, who you are now? That is where your thoughts must be.  I learned that old thinking and old patterns are just that.  Old.  What worked at 17 or 20, probably isn’t practical at 40, 50, 62…. you get what I mean!

Letting go of old habits is one of the many ways I learned to apply my trust not only in the Universe, but in my own Intuition.  I also used other influences such as my journal, crystals, mediation, a little creative Feng Shui placement of things, peridot and the phases of the moon to get me out of my old thinking on relationships. This perspective can be applied to anything – finding the perfect house, job, passion, car, etc.  I have encountered many recently looking to be in a relationship, so I am using this example to as I feel it’s easy to relate to and impacted me tremendously.

Everyone that is looking for a relationship is looking for that perfect relationship.  That perfect person, the one you have it all figured out with and know. You haven’t settled for someone who doesn’t serve you completely. You have this image of who they are – what they’ll be like, or look like, or feel like.  You imagine all the things you’ll have in common and then what your journey will be together and what it will teach you.  How will you learn from each other?

In the last 6 years I have been forced to learn to go with what is and just view it differently.  I have found this is really our only choice.  And I have to say the positive guidance, which has not always been what I necessarily wanted to hear, from Karen Flore, helped me to keep it together.  It is her own unique gift of perception in reading a regular deck of Cards that helped me to keep my head up and focused forward.  This totally made me practice patience.  But I want to focus on the Full Moon today, and, your journal – if you journal, because this was the method of expression that is profound for me!

I was writing in my journal what I wanted in my personal life and what I wanted in my professional life also.  In this instance, I am focusing on manifesting relationships. I write and wrote all the time in my journal, “I AM in the context of already having what I desire.” (And may I suggest at this point and time you go back and maybe make a little note in your head of what you learned from past relationships and get a healthy foundation of what you want and only what you want, based on what you know that you don’t want for sure). It’s important that you don’t write down what you don’t want.  You only write what qualities that you do want, as if you already have them.   You want to write down what you are releasing but be clear and just state that you are letting go of anything blocking what you want.  Any feelings or emotions not aligned with your best interest and highest good. Only give your energy, attention, and writing contracts to the highest good.


“I am releasing, any and all, blocks, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, known or unknown.  I am ready to release them now and forever.”

So, I had it all together.  Journaling, establishing the knowing of what I wanted in my relationship, and even who,maybe.  And after months of realizing that nothing was feeling like what I was writing, I re-thought how I was writing it and asked myself what needed to shift.  What became clear to me is that I had to focus on what was best for me in every moment and then the who, when, and where would, like everything else, fall into place. You have to erase your ego, release your need for control and things will flow effortlessly.  When you are aligned with your highest good and what is truly resonating in your Heart, the Universe then brings to you that which you so desire.  It may not be exactly the way you pictured it to be.  However, the most important dynamic is that you are clear about honoring yourself, loving yourself as you are, believing that you deserve what you are intentioning and then allowing it to be!

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