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I’m Picking up Good Vibrations!



Let me introduce you to an ancient healing, using sound, that is making a huge presence today because of the amazing feeling people get when they are exposed to the resonation of Singing Bowls!  It’s similar to the feeling when you’re laying in the center of a crystal grid with a different resonance. The body responds to both in a subtle and yet a very profound way.  Singing Bowls initiate Brain Entrainment and because the sound is so pure it brings the brain into complete alignment. It is definitely something you HAVE to EXPERIENCE to understand or believe!

Singing Bowls date back centuries.   Sound healing was a “thing of the past” presently making a huge comeback.  It has grown in recognition over more recent years.  It’s an alternative method of healing.  There is not much if any, scientific studies on the healing effect of the singing bowls and that’s sad because it is so amazing for relieving stress, assisting in meditation and decreasing pain.  These are results I have had using them with my clients over the years.  We have our meditations here at Holistic Apothecary and people who use them for the first time are amazed at the way they feel!

They work by raising the vibration of the physical body and the lower vibrations of disharmony and distress cannot stay in the same space.  You feel so much lighter right away.

The only way to know is to try.  Remember when you were little and you didn’t like things that you didn’t even taste?  Then you tasted it and realized it wasn’t so bad?  Well don’t discredit this till you’ve tried and experienced the Singing Bowls and the undeniable feeling we get from them!  I can only hope that we will be your first experience with it and I can promise a great one!

Peace and Blessings

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