We live in a world where being ill or out of balance has begun to be the norm! We don’t even know we don’t feel well until one day a pain disappears for a little while.  Sometimes, unless its chronic.  But it had to start sometime and wasn’t addressed properly in the beginning.  People stay in jobs they hate just to have medical coverage, but those jobs are toxic and create so much stress and that stress results in body imbalance.  So let me understand this.  You hate what you do.  You can’t have a normal life because you’re stressed, tired and sick all the time.  You have to pick up slack for others that aren’t happy at the job either, but you have great medical benefits…GOOD…. Because you’re going to need them…oh, heads up- they are not so great when you retire and have to get your own….

People plan to travel in retirement when really their days start filling up with doctor appointments!  We are not designed with removable parts.  We were made to nurture, be spiritual, be emotional and be physical. We are supposed to learn to take care of what we were born with.  Love it, care for it, feed it with healthy nutrients to rebuild it and keep it running. But most of us do not.  When would we learn this?  The Food Pyramid from 1st grade.  Give me a break.  More Milk from Dairy?  By the way that’s not a milk mustache, that’s a puss mustache from the cow puss they inject in milk during pasteurization.  FACT!  And, how about all the hormones and carcinogens that are put in that concoction!  Why can’t we beat the war against all these heavy hitting diseases???? Because our immune systems are dealing with an environment that is not natural to the human body.  So, how can we help our immune system?

I personally work on this all year every day, something for immune.  I have begun putting a mushroom blend and Collagen in my morning Cappuccino.  If you don’t know how medicinal and preventative mushrooms are for you…LEARN! It doesn’t change the taste and I feel great.  I feel great because I feed the necessary components in my body to make me feel great.  And I do it every day. I use Colloidal Silver, Propolis Extract, Co Q 10, enzymes when I eat, Probiotics and a few other staples.  We actually manufacture Co Q 10 up to a certain age and we also believe it or not manufacture cannabinoids.  In our Brain.  YES CBD.

I have been doing what a do, supplementing,  for a very long time, however, it’s never too late to begin.  Why wait for New Year’s Resolution?  Why not now?  When would you like to start feeling better and enjoy life?  You can start today the decision is yours.  We have a wonderful selection of different supplements to choose from and can help you figure out what you need.

FYI…the reason they are labeled Supplement, because we have to supplement our so called food with nutrition.   The amount on the bottle is for maintenance only.  It is not a therapeutic dosage. That is most of the reason when someone goes out and buys a supplement they just read about to heal and they only take the recommendation on the label….it’s not enough to meet and exceed the body’s needs!  That’s where I can be of assistance.  To help you with the correct dosage for you personally.   As a Holistic Physician, ND., this is my passion.  To teach others how to sustain health, clear the clutter in the mind that creates imbalances and show you a way to make your life easier.

Whatever age you are, start prevention.  Give your body the necessary nutrients that built it to sustain homeostasis.  Prevention doesn’t mean we won’t get symptoms.  We boost our immune system so your defense is ready.  Vitamins, Herbs and other natural supplements replenish what we use every day in our daily life.  If you are extra active and go to the gym, are you replacing all the nutrients that are being used to fuel your effort?  Calcium and Magnesium, Collagen?  Probably not.  It’s time to start!


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