So what is this mystery that deludes so many and causes so much laughter among the skeptics?

The World of crystals; these rocks and geodes that grow from the ground and into our Universe.  They are formed by the temperatures and climatic conditions of their geographical location. Many crystals have beautiful sparkles and attractive qualities, always enchanting humanity, and yet some still find it hard to believe that these little gems also have magical and transformative powers!

I am going to attempt in the simplest way possible to explain how and why crystals can assist in making us not only feel better but to assist us in manifesting what is meant to be.  And I say manifest what is meant to be only because we often get what we need and not always does this manifestation transpire the way we’ve expected. That is why it is so important to be clear about our intentions – in other words, “be careful what you ask for.”

First and foremost, we are all energy. Every aspect of reality is energetic, including the rocks and minerals we so often utilize. Our bodies are composed of the same minerals found in the ground that form these gorgeous crystal creatures of comfort and love.

We are attracted to them for their unique and magnetic beauty. The way they sparkle is one thing – what we don’t realize is that we are attracted to the energy of the minerals if we are lacking that specific frequency! Our physical and energetic bodies are sensitive to the vibration and that is how we are drawn to them!

When we carry, hold, or have crystals in our space, they raise the physical vibration of our bodies and the environment we’re in to a frequency so high that lower vibrations cannot exist simultaneously. Lower frequencies will always rise to meet higher frequencies – high will never go down to meet low!  Negative thinking patterns are lower vibrational and therefore contribute to imbalance and illness in the body. Crystals help prevent negative thoughts from happening by grounding us and bringing us to presence. They also assist us in releasing any thoughts we may have had that are no longer serving us, therefore helping to raise our vibration in this way as well. When we work with and spend time getting acquainted with our crystals we learn from them through the way we’re able to relax and focus on them.

Crystals are a beautiful way to connect to the grounding and comforting energies of our Mother Earth. They’re a way to connect to our own divine selves and connect with those around us.

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