We carry natural candles scented with essential oils.  These candles are infused with loving energy from either crystals or Reiki.  We think you’ll love them as much as we do.

natural candles

*Terra Essential Scents-Each natural Terra candle is uniquely blended with the finest aromas from an extensive line of essential & natural oils from around the world. A hand-selected gem stone is added to each candle to complement and enhance the energetic composition. • Individually hand-poured • 100% premium soy wax • Infused with essential & natural oils • Lead free, cotton wicks • Hand-selected gem stone in each candle • Natural Beech wood caps • Long lasting and clean burning • Recyclable and reusable glass cylinders

*Crystal Journey Candles-All of Crystal Journey scented candles are hand crafted in the U.S.A. at their factory in Essex, Connecticut. All of their products are made from the finest waxes and purest blends of essential oils. The wicks are made from paper and cotton only. The strong scent and colorful appearance of the candles are entrancing and delightful.