Magnesium, Hawthorne, Garlic,Capsicum, Ginkgo! 

What important system do these food herbs and minerals feed and support in the body?

  If you said Cardiovascular your correct.  These are all used in different ways to prevent and support healing Heart Disease.  It is the leading cause of death when people get older. And it is such an important organ.  Not just physically.  It is where we feel.  Love, Hope, Faith and where all of the vibration of our desires originate to send out to the Universe for manifestation.

When we suppress our feelings of heartbreak, anger, lack of intimacy, these are all hidden factors that definitely contribute to heart disease developing in the body.  They are definitely underlying factors, I hear it all the time in my work.  There are obvious ones also like, smoking, poor diet choices, etc.  It is so important to work through issues of the heart, but who teaches us this ever?

Regular exercise and good supplementation are very important for the heart.  Now, the above food herbs…just a bit about them so you can start learning and asking the right questions to begin the healing or to strengthen the Circulatory system.  Hawthorn berry strengthens the heart muscle and helps to reduce blood pressure and also really helps with peripheral circulation.  Ginkgo, aids in circulation and the brain.  Garlic helps in preventing hardening of the arteries.  Capsicum helps also with blood pressure and peripheral circulation.

Forever, cholesterol has been blamed as a major cause of heart disease.  It is true that it is a big part of the arterial plaque, but not the cause.  But it forms mostly as an inflammation response or damage to an artery.  The plaque acts like a bandage to protect the blood vessel.  Cholesterol has to be oxidized to adhere to the artery wall, so the cause and first problem is oxidation…No One ever had cause of death on the death certificate“Cholesterol”.   It is imperative in healing and reversing any disease to find the cause and start there.  Not just “take this”.  Cholesterol is a problem when it is out of balance.  Just some facts!  Statin drugs actually lower your levels of Co Q 10, an essential enzyme for anti inflammatory for the heart and helps energy production in muscles (the heart is a muscle), and statin drugs stop the production in the body. Many medications cause toxic side effects because they are wiping out essential nutrients that the body needs to exist!  I’ll talk about that another day.

Table salt, is also said to be a culprit.  If you use a mineral salt (with important nutrients) and drink plenty of water, (dehydration makes your blood pressure rise) things should improve.  It could also be your potassium levels are off.  So, if salt does seem to be an issue in aggravating your blood pressure, try supplementing with some potassium.

Crystals that assist in raising the vibration of the heart would be rose quartz, emerald, green aventurine, rhodochrosite, smokey quartz, turquoise, selenite, citrine to name a few!



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