Winter Solstice…December 22,2019…..


The Winter Solstice falls, December 21st or the 22nd…This year the 22nd.  And so what is the Solstice, what does it mean for us?

Solstice’ comes from the Latin word solstitium which means ‘Sun stands still’. The Sun’s movement  North or South, in Capricorn, actually stops before changing direction.   It is the darkest day of the year.  It is when the Sun Energy becomes becomes abundant with energy aligned with regeneration, renewal and self reflection.

It is also referred to as Yule.  The celebration of the Goddess, the Moon energy.  After the Solstice the days are longer, more light…and then we move into Spring and there is the Spring Solstice, March 21st, usually.

Intentions of most of the Solstice/Yule traditionally, is to celebrate new ideas and release the darkness and bring in and bathe in the light, welcoming back the sun and the days grow longer.  It is the perfect setting of energy to acknowledge our shadow self and allow for the  wisdom that it shares with us, and then we may  bring the light of awareness into the darkness.

We are a reflection of the universe that is outside of us and it is a reminder that” What takes place outside of us, must also take place within us.”

Light candles, reflect and journal your intentions for the year ahead and play.  I am using Garnet for Gratitude, Snowflake Obsidian to darw the emotions to the surface to reflect and release and Bloodstone to heighten intuition and boost my creativity!

Come out of your comfort zone.  Use what you are drawn to,  Be free….

Love, Peace and Blessings


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