We choose to bring you different modalities to allow you to expand your perceptions of the depths of your journey and where to begin.  We have experienced souls that are passionate about their work and in assisting you with your particular needs.  Needs, that you may explore and feel that it resonates with you.  Some are hosted here at Holistic Apothecary by the presenter, others are a part of a dynamic of what we do here and teach Meditation, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Feng Shui, Past Life Regression and Crystals.

Please give us a call at 215-367-5380 to reserve your space for any workshop.


Aromatherapy Workshops

We will be doing Aromatherapy Workshops once a month.  Each month will be a different topic, from the emotional components of essential oils to first aid and health issues to homemade cleaning products. I’ll be teaching simple everyday integration of EOs for well being. Drawing from years of personal experience and professional training, I’ll include recipes and simple usage guidelines.  As soon as you begin to understand that they are just energy, you’ll see why it makes sense to use these scents to raise the vibration in you and in your environment.  With so many people becoming interested in using the Essential Oils for healing, I am excited to be here to guide, support and answer any questions.  I will share with you the companies I work with, but feel free to choose a company that works for you. This is a “How to Use Safely, with Fun, and Heal with them” workshop.   Each month’s topic are posted so that you can see where you resonate!

Click here for the dates and topics for the Aromatherapy Workshops

See you there….

cost: $35.00

Presented By Dr. Phyllis Greco Bucci


Crystal Workshops

I am so excited about bringing these workshops to the Apothecary.  I love when someone leaves here in wonder and awe of the infinite possibilities of what you can do with the magical energy of the earth! These beautiful shimmering pieces of Gaia.  And truly it  is magical.When we are growing up we only experience that when Earth Speaks, its just an animated cartoon.  We are not taught the absolute truth about our deeper connection on a vibrational level.  Mostly, how it can be used in our every day to assist us with certain situations.  And No…i don’t expect the White Willow Bark tree  to say to me “here is a piece of my bark for his headache”.  But truth be told, from what I observe and experience, Crystals, Plants, Trees and the scents of flowers, ALL have a vibrational conversation with our body that we just need to tune into.  It is both subtle and healing.  So sad not to be aware of the beauty and ability of that which surrounds us! So come and learn what they are, how they are used for balancing and clearing and ways they can assist!

Click here for the dates and topics for the Crystal Workshops

cost: $65.00


Past Life Regression Workshop

We will be hosting a Crystal Journey Past Life Regression Workshop once a month.  The Workshop, facilitated by Kim DiBrito is approximately two hours. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, pillow and wear comfortable clothes.  There are eight spaces available for regression.

For more information click here.

time: 6:00 pm

cost: $65.00

next date: January 22, 2018


Lynda Bianchini /  Spirit Speaks

Light Body Activation and Shamanic Breathwork

ALIGN… to your higher self and universal energy
AWAKEN… to all aspects of your being
RELEASE… trauma held within cellular memory
REBIRTH… and radiate from within!
TRANSCEND… limiting beliefs

This sacred ceremony takes you in the depths of your own soul & BEYOND!! This process provides a safe & loving space to shine a light on deep-seeded emotional issues, core wounds and limiting beliefs. Using sound and energy healing, transformational breathwork, soulful music, shamanic tools and wisdom & light body expansion techniques, this ceremony offers profound and lasting shifts enabling one’s radiance to shine through, positively affecting all areas of life.

This event will SELL OUT !! Pre registration is required. $40

Please dress comfortably and bring a blanket and water.
No heavy eating 2 hours prior to ceremony.