As naturopathic physicians and master herbalists, we look at the body differently than mainstream allopathic medicine.

We use medicine, but it is from nature. The way God intended us to heal. It does not mean there is not a place for allopathic medicine. There definitely is… We just believe that the body can and will heal itself given the time and raw material from nutrients that you feed it. I always tell my clients to stay on their meds, and use the herbs and nutritionals to assist the body to heal, while the meds keep the symptoms at bay. We use the Zyto Compass Analysis to check to see at certain intervals, the progress in the energy of the body.

There is also a portion related to spiritual healing. I believe it is important; I let my clients know from the start, that they have a responsibility and key role in their healing. The emotional part. What their thoughts are manifesting in their physical body…We can certainly do Reiki, Energy work and suggest Herbal regimens to assist in releasing the emotional counterpart of illness, but the one who needs the healing has to release that which is holding them in the space of their dis ease. No matter what the degree, on a scale from 1 to 10, from Cancer to a wart, there is an emotional cause of all disease. Cancer is resentment that you allow to eat away at you…and a wart, though totally not as drastic…means refusing to see the beauty in life, feelings of hate taking form…and a belief in ugliness. Your past is behind you…leave it there!

Letting go, releasing stuff that gets stored and throws the body’s natural rhythm out of balance. I said to a client today that if she could see in real space, all the stuff she was dragging around with her that no longer serves her highest purpose and good…she would need a U-Haul truck attached to her all day every where she went…and she laughed and then she cried! The crying was a very positive release of a lot of emotion, bound and attached to her, and truly it was not only effecting her immune system, but her ability to move forward in her own life, which she wants to drastically make some changes in.

You have to Surrender and Let Go, release all that does not serve your highest good and path to being here…sound drastic? Sometimes that is how deep the healing has to go…no lie.

So stress, stemming from conscious thoughts, to those that are buried deep in our physical and sub conscious, need to be dealt with in order to move forward, and that is how we work with you! To find a starting point and then we travel the journey of healing with you! Stress has a direct influence on your body’s ability to heal itself and for your immune system to be in peak performance. WE can’t take away the everyday stress that we have to deal with. WE CAN keep ourselves from allowing the stress to effect our physical being. There are plenty of herbs and supplements to assist the body to buffer the physical repercussion….