The age
thing…I just have to address this……

When people come to see me and they start with “My knees are really achy, I’m 42 (or 35 or 50) so you know”….I know what???? Why do we equate our aches and pains and dis ease with age?  Yes the body does age, but it doesn’t have to break down the way it does as we get older but there are other factors to consider that people never do.  Think about all the cycles of change our life brings….we’re in grade school, peer pressure, high school hormone issues and self esteem issues, college/work pressure, then career, marriage, children.  Stressors that we can only say “life happens”!  We don’t even realize we are always living in a state of fight or flight.

There are chemicals put in our foods that break down the body and literally cause diseases.  We take medication over the years that make us deficient in vitamins and minerals we are not aware of.  We use and burn nutrients in the body every day and a lot of that will depend on the work you do.  A Construction worker is going to need more calcium than someone that sits at a desk all day working in an office.   The point is, the better care we learn to take at different ages, due to the new conditions we’re under, the better the aging goes.  You change the oil in your car. And you put in a new filter. When was the last time you took some dandelion and cleaned your blood and then fed your liver some milk thistle or black radish to clean this filter?

My best advice is that as best you can keep a clear head.  Learn how to respond with more clarity to what we are living with right now.  And I would start as young an age as you can.  You can always start from where you are but you can’t go back.

I love making
my videos because I think there is a lot of information about living in a
healthier way and we just don’t know, because no one told us or looked at it
this way!  I am passionate, in case you
haven’t noticed, about what I do.  My joy
comes from knowing someone slept better, calmed their anxiety, has more clarity,
poops regularly, that would be 3 times a day, or their life is just getting better
because they feel better now.  I tell people
what I do pretty much on a daily basis and its not a borage` of
supplements.  I have been doing what I do
for a very long time.  Herbs since I’m 19!  I don’t expect what works for me to work for
everyone because we are all different.  What
I can do is help you to figure out a protocol to get you to where you want to
be or assist you to learn how to maintain being in a good place!  You have to be conscious of addressing the physical,
emotional and spiritual conditions and then go from there.  Look forward to seeing you at the Holisitic
Apothecary when you are ready to take that step to peace of mind and balance in
the body.


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