I am so excited about bringing these workshops to the Apothecary.  I love when someone leaves here in wonder and awe of the infinite possibilities of what you can do with the magical energy of the earth! These beautiful shimmering pieces of Gaia.  And truly it  is magical.When we are growing up we only experience that when Earth Speaks, its just an animated cartoon.  We are not taught the absolute truth about our deeper connection on a vibrational level.  Mostly, how it can be used in our every day to assist us with certain situations.  And No…i don’t expect the White Willow Bark tree  to say to me “here is a piece of my bark for his headache”.  But truth be told, from what I observe and experience, Crystals, Plants, Trees and the scents of flowers, ALL have a vibrational conversation with our body that we just need to tune into.  It is both subtle and healing.  So sad not to be aware of the beauty and ability of that which surrounds us! So come and learn what they are, how they are used for balancing and clearing and ways they can assist!

Crystal Grids For Manifesting



A crystal grid is a formation of crystals so that the energy is directed in a way to magnify and send out to the Universe,  your intention.  Health, Love, Business or other situations that could use some tweaking!  This workshop is to learn to make a Crystal Grid for any situation, relationship that you need to enhance, heal, manifest…How to make a grid, intentioning, what crystals to use.  Everyone will take home a crystal grid set!

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Workshops at Holistic Apothecary

There is Magic in the Earth: A Journey into the World of Crystals for Kids!


I am so excited to introduce this workshop to all of the young souls that are so mesmerized by the beautiful glitter of the stones and crystals.  I am going to teach them very basics of how the crystals are formed from the earth. How energy is all around and through us and I will teach and guide them through a meditation so that they may feel the energy and be able to calm themselves when needed and do it on their own when they choose to do so!  They will learn a bit about the chakras and our emotions how that is connected and each participant will receive a crystal chakra set to take home with them.  This way they can implement what they have learned at home!  I will include a booklet that they can easily refer to for diagrams of what we learn in the class!

class is 1 hour.

Age appropriate…this means if you believe your child is old enough and mature enough for this class…register!   Click Here to register

Moms or Dads are welcome to observe and if  you like join in the meditation, but only the students will receive the gifts of the class!

Crystal 101 …Working with Our Earth’s Energies

Saturday February 26, 2002



In this workshop you will learn the very basic of implementing the vibrations and characteristics of crystals into your every day use!  To manifest, protect, enhance, magnify the energy that you want to put out to receive.  Different ways to use the crystal energy and about how and why they work. You will receive a bag of crystals with information to take home!

Crystals and Your Chakras

Saturday April, 23 2002



You will learn how to use the crystals for cleansing, charging and building the energy in the chakras.  This will help to balance the Mental, Spiritual and Physical bodies.  You will learn how the chakras relate to your emotional and physical body and to clear blockages and move any stagnation by clearing out the old and bringing in the new thought energy. This workshop includes a chakra crystal set!