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Find and use your spirituality

By Phyllis Greco Bucci and Kim Henderson

Adapted from a Facebook Live event

Today we’ll talk about finding and using your spirituality, enabling yourself to move through life without all the burdens we throw on ourselves by thinking too much, being in our human minds instead of in our real place on the earth — as a spiritual being. We are a spirit being having a human experience. A lot of this happens in reflection, meditation, out in Nature, as opposed to being in Center City. Not that Center City can’t be beautiful, but the energies are so different.


If we let ourselves go with the flow, and work from our spiritually divine place, life’s just easier. When we don’t think so much, we don’t stress so much.

I’ve been doing some walking meditations at the park in Norristown. During that time, just listening to the birds and the wind. The one day last week, I was mindful of my steps and the noise it was making and then the sun was coming on a diagonal through the trees. I almost felt dizzy. I stopped and took it all in and felt truly present.


When your mind is not scattered and overwhelmed by everything around you (people talking, driving), you can get to a place of “no thing’ where the energy is able to come through the body without any disturbance or obstacles. You actually feel it and it can be sometimes overwhelming, you might get lightheaded or dizzy, but it’s the most amazing feeling.


It’s a reminder to get in those states more often. Take the time to get aligned. If you have to, take a short bathroom break to collect yourself! Wayne Dyer has a wonderful meditation on his Getting in the Gap CD, he was a pioneer of getting this message across. He walks you through the “Our Father” prayer, and he has you say the words and stop in between. You say “Our Father,” then stay in that space, before you get to the part, ‘who art in heaven.”


Nobody knows where “no thing” is… It’s one of the most amazing spaces you can be in, it lets your body unfold and unwind in that space. That unwinding gives you a chance to let go and release stuff that’s stuck on you from external places. I had a couple women here who had never tried singing bowls, so I had them play them for a couple minutes. I explained that it makes all of the energy that’s toxic release like a volcano, you can feel it rolling off your body.


The more worldly things you let go, the more you begin to bare your soul, to go deep within and find that place of divine spirituality. I had a client this morning say they aren’t intuitive. I said, “Yes you Are! Everybody is, you can’t be born without intuition. It’s the energy that keeps you alive every day. Whether you develop it is up to you, and it’s never to late to develop it.” I asked him, “When you shake someone’s hand, can’t you feel their energy and know who they are? Or, if the phone rings, you think, “Oh my god, that’s Karen” and that’s who it is! Did you ever think of someone you haven’t seen in a long time, and you go into Wawa and there they are?” Finally, that resonated with him.


Do you understand, that is your connection energetically to that person’s energy. We are all connected, whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you like it or not. We are all connected, because we are all made from the same Source, the same source that gives us our pharmacy from God, that same Source that gives us all of our gifts… that we really have. Wouldn’t it be nice, in kindergarten and first grade, if we learned about our gifts, and then went on to learn all the technical stuff that we do need to know? At least find out what we can do on our own first.


That’s finding your spirituality. Understanding these gifts we have and using them to make your life everything you want it to be.


When you’re in that divine alignment, you feel it. Life gets simpler, stress gets lower, you’re just in tune, you feel like you’re in the flow. The bottom line is, you can label yourself any way you want, but you are connected to this Source of energy… which is connected to everything around you. Now it’s time to use it and really understand your own connection to it. Spirituality is not religion.  Spirituality is your very own connection to your beliefs, your knowing, your God or Creator, and from there develop. We’re here to serve, we are each here to learn certain wisdoms.

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