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Finding Joy in the Moment…Its a thought away


Let’s face it are all somewhat overly stressed by a barrage of responsibilities every day.  Children with a lot of activities, project at work, aging parents maybe and everything we would do for our self is on the back burner!  Friends and socializing, going to the gym, beach maybe are the things we put on hold.  When things get so demanding that to me is the time we need love and joy even more than ever!  If not, arguments happen, you’re not thinking clearly causing a short fuse for people.  It can be frustrating.  And probably you have less energy and less sleep.

Now what do you do?

So how do you bring more Joy in your life?  Well, first and most important is that the dictionary defines joy as a feeling of already possessing that you which you so desire.  So the first step is to not get caught up in the present moment, live it and project what you want it to be.  Make sense?

I am here to say that there is a way, even with all these things going on to bring more joy and love into your life.  You want to start by scheduling into your life at least one thing you love to do.  

It may seem out of reach but it really isn’t.

Try These Suggestions, they work for me and many others

When you feel in over your head, swirling in a vortex…think affirmations!  YES.  THINK AFFIRMATIONS.  At really random times.  You have to begin by replacing your stressed thinking with your own or build around these…you can make your own or find them everywhere…there is no excuse not to use them.

I have many strengths and talents. I am amazing and I have a lot to offer.

I AM LOVED AND VALUED BY OTHERS!  This one everyone should recite!

 Repeat these affirmations to yourself whenever you need a reminder of how amazing you are!

The more you find love, peace you give the more love you will have to give to others.

I know this sounds so repetitive and so simple but the more you practice forgiving, accepting, and opening your heart the more people will begin returning the feelings to you.

A change in your thinking, coming from a place of Love helps.

If you can only learn to love others unconditionally, that same love will flow back in abundant amounts to you!  That will bring you Joy!

Stop focusing on what is stretching you to your limits and focus on all the things that you do so well and don’t give yourself the credit for what you do hold on your shoulders and all the juggling you do!  Stop blaming yourself ever for not being adequate.  Don’t ever be down on yourself.  Positive self talk is key.  While you’re at it give someone else some love and support as to their good qualities and make them feel good about themselves also.  Everyone needs that little bit of nurturing thru compliments.  Give it freely and get it back.  Joy right there.  I know it brings me joy when someone leaves my Holistic Apothecary feeling happier and better about themselves.  Teach them about their inner strength and give them hope.  Doesn’t it just feel good to know you brightened someone’s day?  Sure it does.

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