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Finding that Peaceful Space

By Phyllis Greco Bucci and Kim Henderson

Adapted from a Facebook Live event

Welcome! Today we’re talking about staying in that peaceful space that you’ve made for yourself without outside influence—feeling peace enough that it becomes a natural part of your day. I hope that you have started meditating a little bit, even if it’s 5 minutes a day. Or in a stressful situation, saying to yourself:

         “In this moment I choose peace instead of conflict.”


There are plenty of tools to use in order to be able to find peace, even in the most difficult of situations.  A lot of times when conflict happens to me, I take that couple minutes of time. You hear people say they don’t have time to meditate… but if you keep going in the direction of discord, your whole day is going to spin out. You might as well take a couple minutes to get a hold of it, even if you’re running late. What makes you think that you’re not worthy of taking some time for yourself? Even if it’s first thing in the morning. You wake up and say,

         “Thank you for a brand new day. I know that my day is going to go smoothly no matter what. Just for today, I’m not going to judge anything that happens. I’m just going to go with the flow. I’m going to not think too much.”

The Chakra System


That doesn’t mean don’t think about what you have to do. Not thinking means not over-thinking. It’s more really learning to listen, in a steady stream listening to that little voice of intuition that you’ve hopefully become acquainted with. We can’t impress upon you more how important it is to start listening to your intuition, because that energy really does put a whole bubble of energy around you.


I’ve had several situations in this last week. I am more and more authentic to myself, so I am speaking my truth more often. In one scenario I spoke with the person and said my peace, which wasn’t comfortable for me. In the end it felt great. I felt as though for both parties it was relief. Then there was another scenario at work, there were three things in a row that happened. I had to stop myself and say,

         “What am I thinking in the moment to bring all of this on at the same time?”


Then I laughed, because the fourth thing happened and I was stuck in rush hour traffic on Henry Ave. I really do look at being stuck in traffic as, “Okay, you need to just be there and sit in it until you can process what has happened.” You know what? The minute you let go of something that’s heavy on your mind and you hear it out loud, it frees you, and it lightens how you feel. It makes the next time you need to talk to someone and express your feeling (even if it’s not something they will love) easier, and you can do it.

Say “I choose to stay in my peace.” Then, intention a clear globe around you and see yourself inside of this bubble. Try to visualize and keep yourself in that place all day long.
Make a list of all the things you want to do each day.
Let go of judgment. Forgive those that have wronged you and let it go. Ask for their healing. By asking for their healing, you let go of any emotions that you were connected to with them or things they brought into your life. You are able to disconnect.


When you really start to use intention to bring things into your life and bring yourself peace, it’s instantaneous. You can start to feel in your body the difference of letting things go and feeling really light. A woman came to me today for a number of different things, and one of the things on her intake form was, she’s having a lot of sensitivity to light lately. I said to her:  “What don’t you want to see?”  Because of the season, we’re having more light. This is an absolute sign we are getting more information. The sun (as much as people like to think it gives us cancer and makes us sick, it doesn’t!!) the sun gives everything life. What I want her to be most aware of is, if she’s stopping the light… because the more you can separate from the chatter and allow information to come in, the more you’re going to be at a place where you’re vibrating at a higher level, and lower vibrational influences won’t grab you so much.

Pretty soon, peace is the only place you’re going to be. The people or influences around you that aren’t as peaceful will start to not integrate in your life anymore.


What does peace mean to you? When it comes down to it, figure out what it is that gives you peace. Ancient civilizations depended on the sun, moon, and stars and planet positions to survive. To plant, harvest, to take cover. Now somehow that became sorcery and witchery. No! It is what it is. Because they’re free tools and healthy tools, they’ve been hidden for so long.


Make a deal with yourself, just for today, you’re going to practice peace. Think about where your most peaceful places are, write down what peace means to you. When a situation comes up, look to find the peace in the situation. Look at the peaceful possibilities that could come out of this. Change your perception so that you can see whatever upheaval is happening, it’s happening because a clearing needs to take place before you’re clear sailing.

  • Where do you want to be in a month?
  • Where do you want to be in a year?
  • What changes need to be implemented in your life to find that?
  • What’s stopping you from thinking about these things?
  • Is your job too stressful?
  • Is there a situation you’re not speaking up about?
  • Are you letting people influence you to not really carry out what’s important to you?


Take a leap, wing it. We wing it all the time! That’s the excitement of it, the mystery of it, the fun of it. Let it flow!

Plan out what you want, the way you want it and the timing you want it. Look at steps you can start taking. Start speaking your peace and living as authentically as you can. Going with the flow and taking that leap of faith is huge. As long as you keep peace in that inner alignment, things just flow, they really do!



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