Soul Living Feng Shui Intensive

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Upcoming One Day Intensive class

This is everything offered in the 3 Night Intensive.  Only difference, you bring a copy of an outline of a room that doesn’t work that day and I will Feng Shui the Room for you at the end of the Workshop.  This gives everyone a few opportunities to look at dynamics that are going on they don’t live with and what the  Feng Shui cures are!

Upcoming Intensive: 3 Tuesday nights 6-8pm

Manual is provided with all the info from the class. Also, you get a room that I Professionally Feng Shui on the third night, as part of the class! That’s a $350.00 value itself.

Feng Shui is the Ancient Art of placement of articles in your environment conducive to what you would like to achieve.  Show the Universe what you want in different areas of your life. Looking for Love, Money, Better Health, New Job…maybe start your own business…Let the Universe KNOW! I teach Western Feng Shui. Because that is where we live. There are 3 more areas of your life that are addressed than when using eastern floor plans. We are not the same energy or cultures so we need to address that!
This intensive spans over three weeks, for 2 hours 1 night each week
You Will Learn:
How the Energy and orientation of furniture and doorways in your Space, (home, work, play ) effects all the areas of your life!  Love, Money, Career, etc…
How to place Furniture, Crystals, Plants etc., to give clear instructions to the Universe of what you want in all the areas of your life! You’ll learn the cures to what you can’t move due to structural reasons.
On the 3rd night, you bring a room in your house that doesn’t quite work and I Feng Shui it that night, included in the class! This means, a kitchen no one wants to eat in, family room nobody gathers in, an office you can’t get anything done, bedroom where you can’t sleep or bump up the romance!
When you finish this course you will have the ability to set up your environment with the confidence and knowledge that you are sending the right messages to the Universe for what you would like to manifest in the areas of Health, Partnerships, Finances, Business, etc.

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Price for the Class is $350.00

First Night of Class you will learn:

The 4 Door directions and what they mean for you.

Is your Front door helping your moving forward or is it blocked?

The 12 section Ba Gua (Feng Shui floor plan) Western Feng Shui

Feng Shui Simple Cures

Second Night Of Class you will learn:

The Baqua in more detail

The Orientation of the Bagua in each room of your house, or office.

Placement of articles that you want to represent what you want, in that area of your life.

The Third Night you will learn:

Room set up.  What goes where.  What never goes in certain sections.

One of the Rooms from your house. You bring the floorplan and I will Feng Shui the one room in class.