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Hello there friends! Here at Holistic Apothecary, we absolutely love assisting and using our gift of Reiki! You might be wondering what Reiki is exactly? Well, the short of it basically is that Reiki is a healing service known as the laying of the hands. It is to stimulate, heal, and transform your life force through the use of energy in this physical world. It can be used to heal, strengthen or mend the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. A Reiki practitioner is a person, I believe, who is divinely inspired to help others understand and open up their spiritual dimension to a higher level of consciousness. Coming to Earth can be a difficult task with all the lessons we agreed to learn here. Sometimes, things don’t make complete sense and you may be scratching your head at why certain things occur. It is not for us to know unfortunately, but we can start to understand and ease our senses through different practices.

So you may be asking –how do I know if I want to receive Reiki or take on this lifestyle? This is a good question to ask yourself on your unique and wonderful journey in life. There is no answer one fits all, but I will tell you some signs and feelings that can indicate this is something you should think about. Truly, if you are feeling that there is something “missing” in your heart or soul, and want to fill it with some positive energy – this is something to think about! One day you may wake up and realize that you are in a funk or your energy is lacking considerably and you want to enrich your spirit on this physical plane. I would definitely recommend Reiki! Maybe you want to feel connected to something or want to rid yourself of negative behavior and lifestyle choices. Maybe you just want a healing and a weight lifted off your shoulders! This all leads to Reiki in my opinion!

Who can you go see for Reiki? Well you are in luck my friend! There are so many resources out there to find some great Reiki practitioners! If you love to come to Holistic Apothecary, then look no further! Our whole staff is Reiki certified and truly cares about the well-being of their clients. We have worked on countless individuals and we love what we do! Dr. Phyllis Bucci, the owner of Holistic Apothecary, is an amazing healer for over 20 years as she fuses her Reiki Master techniques with other energy healing modalities. She has handpicked her employees, divinely guided to who she has felt would be a perfect fit for her mission and vibe of her store. Giuseppe Stabile, a Reiki Master, has been practicing Reiki for 7 years! I, myself, have been practicing Reiki for 7 years and have my level II attunement. Gina Picard, who recently became a member of our Reiki community, has learned so quickly and really has the gift of healing! Every single one of our staff members is able to fuse other energy healing modalities as we have expanded our consciousness to give the best experience we can give.

What if you have a deeper craving for Reiki and want to take it a step further? Learning Reiki intrigued me and I felt a calling to start this journey. Being open to the universe and listening to its guidance has transformed my life. When you allow the information from the Divine guidance to flow through you, you learn more with every sequence that is given to you. This is not as simple as a reading a book telling you what to do, but if you listen and look closely enough, you will be delivered signs that just point you in the exact direction you need! With that being said, Reiki was just placed in my lap ever so evidently and I knew this was something I wanted to do to heal people. Whether it be people’s physical ailments, past life experiences carried into the present, or even mending a heart or two; healing all areas of that person is essential. If you wish to spread the light into other’s lives and truly believe in it, miraculous things start happening! The key is to fully believe!

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As we come to the conclusion of this blog post – I send each and every single one of you light – to experience the divine feeling of happiness and joy through Reiki.

Love & Light,

Marisa @ Holistic Apothecary


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