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Drumming for inner sync!

The art of Drumming has been used in many cultures for thousands of years.  From religious ceremony, as a way to communicate, connecting with spiritual energy…an ancient art used therapeutically for the results it presented.

Medical has already done the research and one thing that they have confirmed is that drumming causes Entrainment in the brain…that means that the right and left side of the brain are balanced! So that means that the logical side and intuitive start to work together…guess what happens…your intuition becomes stronger!

Drumming has also shown in research that new neural connections grow and this helps to deepen our experience of the healing it promotes. 

I have personally witnessed the response with clients with pain, depression, Alzheimer’s and a few other issues.  I learned drumming 15 years ago and LOVE it!

Drumming increases the Alpha waves (calm-meditative) and this helps with depression, high blood pressure among other things.  Beta waves are when your in concentration mode!

So check it out! Nothing to lose but all the feelings you may want to balance!

Full Moon in Cancer with A Lunar Eclipse



I’m not an astrologer but I do have some knowledge because of my learning in Western Feng Shui with Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis, International Astrologers and Feng Shui Masters.   Here is what I want you to be aware of for this Full Moon in Cancer, Lunar Eclipse (dig deep, reflect) this Friday January 10, 2020!

So it’s a Full moon in Cancer.  Cancer the 4th house that rules home and hearth.  Our home base, attachments, nurturing, family….Opposite Capricorn, career, reputation, how we’re known, work, nose to the grind!  Clearly these are areas we need to balance in our lives!  It doesn’t have to be a struggle! This full moon is about balancing our home life and career.  You may find it hard to not express your feelings, but that is OK! This is an amazing opportunity to really understand our emotional needs. With the Lunar Eclipse a lot of emotions will surface, they’ve been in there for a while but now it the time to express and move forward with solutions! We all need to be nurtured!  All kinds of relationships can be challenged right now but should absolutely be channeled in a positive way to bring fulfillment.

You will find out your feelings count!  This it the open to pave the way to new direction! Isn’t it about time!

Here’s the tools to magnify what you want!  Quartz crystal, the mother of all energy! Moonstone, Carnelian, Amazonite and Rose Quartz!!  Get your sage or palo santo, do a little clearing…and then write those intentions for releasing and getting aligned!

Enjoy, Let Go, Be Free to BE!  Go For it!

Winter Solstice…Blessed Be…Happy Yule

Winter Solstice…December 22,2019…..


The Winter Solstice falls, December 21st or the 22nd…This year the 22nd.  And so what is the Solstice, what does it mean for us?

Solstice’ comes from the Latin word solstitium which means ‘Sun stands still’. The Sun’s movement  North or South, in Capricorn, actually stops before changing direction.   It is the darkest day of the year.  It is when the Sun Energy becomes becomes abundant with energy aligned with regeneration, renewal and self reflection.

It is also referred to as Yule.  The celebration of the Goddess, the Moon energy.  After the Solstice the days are longer, more light…and then we move into Spring and there is the Spring Solstice, March 21st, usually.

Intentions of most of the Solstice/Yule traditionally, is to celebrate new ideas and release the darkness and bring in and bathe in the light, welcoming back the sun and the days grow longer.  It is the perfect setting of energy to acknowledge our shadow self and allow for the  wisdom that it shares with us, and then we may  bring the light of awareness into the darkness.

We are a reflection of the universe that is outside of us and it is a reminder that” What takes place outside of us, must also take place within us.”

Light candles, reflect and journal your intentions for the year ahead and play.  I am using Garnet for Gratitude, Snowflake Obsidian to darw the emotions to the surface to reflect and release and Bloodstone to heighten intuition and boost my creativity!

Come out of your comfort zone.  Use what you are drawn to,  Be free….

Love, Peace and Blessings

It’s Never too late!!!


We live in a world where being ill or out of balance has begun to be the norm! We don’t even know we don’t feel well until one day a pain disappears for a little while.  Sometimes, unless its chronic.  But it had to start sometime and wasn’t addressed properly in the beginning.  People stay in jobs they hate just to have medical coverage, but those jobs are toxic and create so much stress and that stress results in body imbalance.  So let me understand this.  You hate what you do.  You can’t have a normal life because you’re stressed, tired and sick all the time.  You have to pick up slack for others that aren’t happy at the job either, but you have great medical benefits…GOOD…. Because you’re going to need them…oh, heads up- they are not so great when you retire and have to get your own….

People plan to travel in retirement when really their days start filling up with doctor appointments!  We are not designed with removable parts.  We were made to nurture, be spiritual, be emotional and be physical. We are supposed to learn to take care of what we were born with.  Love it, care for it, feed it with healthy nutrients to rebuild it and keep it running. But most of us do not.  When would we learn this?  The Food Pyramid from 1st grade.  Give me a break.  More Milk from Dairy?  By the way that’s not a milk mustache, that’s a puss mustache from the cow puss they inject in milk during pasteurization.  FACT!  And, how about all the hormones and carcinogens that are put in that concoction!  Why can’t we beat the war against all these heavy hitting diseases???? Because our immune systems are dealing with an environment that is not natural to the human body.  So, how can we help our immune system?

I personally work on this all year every day, something for immune.  I have begun putting a mushroom blend and Collagen in my morning Cappuccino.  If you don’t know how medicinal and preventative mushrooms are for you…LEARN! It doesn’t change the taste and I feel great.  I feel great because I feed the necessary components in my body to make me feel great.  And I do it every day. I use Colloidal Silver, Propolis Extract, Co Q 10, enzymes when I eat, Probiotics and a few other staples.  We actually manufacture Co Q 10 up to a certain age and we also believe it or not manufacture cannabinoids.  In our Brain.  YES CBD.

I have been doing what a do, supplementing,  for a very long time, however, it’s never too late to begin.  Why wait for New Year’s Resolution?  Why not now?  When would you like to start feeling better and enjoy life?  You can start today the decision is yours.  We have a wonderful selection of different supplements to choose from and can help you figure out what you need.

FYI…the reason they are labeled Supplement, because we have to supplement our so called food with nutrition.   The amount on the bottle is for maintenance only.  It is not a therapeutic dosage. That is most of the reason when someone goes out and buys a supplement they just read about to heal and they only take the recommendation on the label….it’s not enough to meet and exceed the body’s needs!  That’s where I can be of assistance.  To help you with the correct dosage for you personally.   As a Holistic Physician, ND., this is my passion.  To teach others how to sustain health, clear the clutter in the mind that creates imbalances and show you a way to make your life easier.

Whatever age you are, start prevention.  Give your body the necessary nutrients that built it to sustain homeostasis.  Prevention doesn’t mean we won’t get symptoms.  We boost our immune system so your defense is ready.  Vitamins, Herbs and other natural supplements replenish what we use every day in our daily life.  If you are extra active and go to the gym, are you replacing all the nutrients that are being used to fuel your effort?  Calcium and Magnesium, Collagen?  Probably not.  It’s time to start!

Oh Mercury…We’re Ready!!!


Moving through a Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be something that you dread for the next three weeks. For those of you that are not familiar with this event I’ll explain as simply as I know it!

Here is what it means:

The Earth, Mercury and all the planets are rotating. Mercury, the planet of communications, slows down. The Earth now gets the message that communications have slowed down or stopped!  I can’t tell you how Here are some suggestions for what to do and maybe what not do during the next three weeks:

OK, so that means what?

Use your intention rather than logic.  Look at things with a different perspective, maybe a lighter one. Reorganize or review your present situation.  Meditate and journal…that’s truly helpful when you feel scattered or unsure.  Take care in the words you choose to speak and avoid miscommunications and meltdowns.

What you should or maybe shouldn’t take on, and crystals to help smooth the way!

You never want to make any large purchases or sign contracts during a retrograde.  Wait the 3 weeks. Try not to make any major life changing decisions. If your plans were already in motion that’s ok, but don’t start something new now. Buying a new computer or cell phone may prove to be more of a pain.  New Job, New Lease…take precautions and if it appears during the retrograde, wait to commit.  If it’s that good of a deal or if it’s meant to be it will be!

I have clients that call me to see if there’s a retrograde when a realtor is at a closing and the papers from the bank don’t come through correctly…Contractors want to know why the loans from the bank for the next project is being held up. Why they had to replace their cell phone 3 times in a week!  Any technology that communicates anything, fax machines, cell phones, texts, computers, just to name a few, especially they can all can have little glitches all of a sudden!

What’s significant during this Retrograde?

This retrograde falls into a time when Venus, the planet of Love and self expression, is merging with Mercury, the planet of communication, in Scorpio. This makes for a very powerful energetic impact…its pretty much that way any time a planet is changing direction.

Its essential that we communicate from a place of love and within our heart-space during a mercury retrograde. BE very aware when you speak, especially intimate conversations.  Listen and with an open heart. With Scorpio in charge right now, be assured it will be deep and have meaning!  Be ready to align with the Divine creative process.

 Enjoy the journey…Peace and Love


The Healing Power of Shrooms…..Mushrooms that is!

Mushrooms are truly magical. We have always used mushrooms as food and medicine. In fact, many mushrooms have long been used throughout Asia for medicinal purposes. There are at least 270 species of mushroom that are known to have various therapeutic properties. The practice of using mushrooms in Chinese herbal medicines has been recorded in early records of the Materia Medica.

Here are some of the fascinating healing properties that for thousands of years have been utilized for treating numerous symptoms.  They provide anti inflammatory and anti tumor properties while also working to strengthen the immune system and so much more.  Maybe you have heard about Cordyceps, known for increasing strength and stamina.  I have personally been using Mycelia in a blend for years and it has been so far so good for my immunity!  Below there is a quick list of what is in the formulas we offer in the different products here at Holistic Apothecary so you can read and learn for yourself how important they can be and as a preventative measure for health. Mushrooms increase longevity and can also help to lower blood sugar!  In just one month, eating the dried shiitake mushrooms was found to support both a stronger immune system and a marked drop in inflammation. The subjects who took ten grams of dried shiitake’s daily had the most positive benefits.  I use the Kinoko Immune and the Kinoko Mind and Body (great for the brain and focusing) in my cappuccino that I make every morning now…I just added it to the powdered Collagen I have been using for a few years now!  It tastes great — you do not taste mushroom!

Plus, many health experts recommend combining multiple medicinal mushrooms for their synergistic effect.

If you’re going to take a mushroom supplement, you want to look for a manufacturer that offers 100% organic mushroom extracts and supplements, produced, stored, and packaged under strict guidelines to preserve their nutrient content and overall effectiveness.  I wouldn’t carry anything less, for those of you that don’t know me yet!

Mushrooms don’t just help you live longer. They can also help you live better — and stronger. Especially Cordyceps.

Here’s what we can offer!

WE have them available in Capsule, Powder and also a CBD liquid infused with mushrooms for the Immune system!  CBD alone helps with immune health but with the added mushroom extract, if your health is really compromised, this is an excellent high quality supplement!  Maybe add this to your winter season herbal regimen. Use your regular Hemp CBD daily and maybe substitute a few days a week with the mushroom infused CBD and they will both go farther and you get all the added benefits!  I only sell, high quality, totally pure Hemp CBD products.  What you buy is what you get!


PROPERTY: Antioxidant & Immunomodulator


Reduced oxidative stress

Anti-Inflammatory properties

Pain-relieving properties

According to a report in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, a Chaga polysaccharide has been found to possess “strong antioxidant activity for scavenging free radicals.”


PROPERTY: Immunomodulator


Originated in the mountains of Tibet

Stimulates immune system, various immune cells and lymphocytes

Cordyceps extracts have been shown to dilate the aorta — the main artery in your body that supplies oxygenated blood to your entire circulatory system — by up to 40%, thereby increasing blood flow and greatly enhancing endurance.

What’s more, Cordyceps contains adenosine and can stimulate the production of ATP — one of the main sources of energy in your body’s cells. This may be one of the reasons why it has been found to improve stamina in athletic performance. If you’re an athlete or work out often, Cordyceps is for you!


PROPERTY: Neurotrophic


Believed to stimulate nerve growth

It’s unique components are being studied extensively for nerve generation, regeneration and protection


PROPERTY: Immunomodulator


Stimulates immune system: Macrophages, NK Cells and T Cells

Anti-diabetic effect from α-Glucans


PROPERTY: Immunomodulator


Stimulates immune system: Macrophages, NK Cells and T Cells

Anti-diabetic effect from α-Glucans


PROPERTY: Immunomodulator


Exhibits both antiviral and antibacterial effects through increasing immune cell proliferation


PROPERTY: Immunomodulator


Exhibits both antiviral and antibacterial effects through increasing immune cell proliferation

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I’m Picking up Good Vibrations!



Let me introduce you to an ancient healing, using sound, that is making a huge presence today because of the amazing feeling people get when they are exposed to the resonation of Singing Bowls!  It’s similar to the feeling when you’re laying in the center of a crystal grid with a different resonance. The body responds to both in a subtle and yet a very profound way.  Singing Bowls initiate Brain Entrainment and because the sound is so pure it brings the brain into complete alignment. It is definitely something you HAVE to EXPERIENCE to understand or believe!

Singing Bowls date back centuries.   Sound healing was a “thing of the past” presently making a huge comeback.  It has grown in recognition over more recent years.  It’s an alternative method of healing.  There is not much if any, scientific studies on the healing effect of the singing bowls and that’s sad because it is so amazing for relieving stress, assisting in meditation and decreasing pain.  These are results I have had using them with my clients over the years.  We have our meditations here at Holistic Apothecary and people who use them for the first time are amazed at the way they feel!

They work by raising the vibration of the physical body and the lower vibrations of disharmony and distress cannot stay in the same space.  You feel so much lighter right away.

The only way to know is to try.  Remember when you were little and you didn’t like things that you didn’t even taste?  Then you tasted it and realized it wasn’t so bad?  Well don’t discredit this till you’ve tried and experienced the Singing Bowls and the undeniable feeling we get from them!  I can only hope that we will be your first experience with it and I can promise a great one!

Peace and Blessings

Our Fascination with Crystals!


So what is this mystery that deludes so many and causes so much laughter among the skeptics?

The World of crystals; these rocks and geodes that grow from the ground and into our Universe.  They are formed by the temperatures and climatic conditions of their geographical location. Many crystals have beautiful sparkles and attractive qualities, always enchanting humanity, and yet some still find it hard to believe that these little gems also have magical and transformative powers!

I am going to attempt in the simplest way possible to explain how and why crystals can assist in making us not only feel better but to assist us in manifesting what is meant to be.  And I say manifest what is meant to be only because we often get what we need and not always does this manifestation transpire the way we’ve expected. That is why it is so important to be clear about our intentions – in other words, “be careful what you ask for.”

First and foremost, we are all energy. Every aspect of reality is energetic, including the rocks and minerals we so often utilize. Our bodies are composed of the same minerals found in the ground that form these gorgeous crystal creatures of comfort and love.

We are attracted to them for their unique and magnetic beauty. The way they sparkle is one thing – what we don’t realize is that we are attracted to the energy of the minerals if we are lacking that specific frequency! Our physical and energetic bodies are sensitive to the vibration and that is how we are drawn to them!

When we carry, hold, or have crystals in our space, they raise the physical vibration of our bodies and the environment we’re in to a frequency so high that lower vibrations cannot exist simultaneously. Lower frequencies will always rise to meet higher frequencies – high will never go down to meet low!  Negative thinking patterns are lower vibrational and therefore contribute to imbalance and illness in the body. Crystals help prevent negative thoughts from happening by grounding us and bringing us to presence. They also assist us in releasing any thoughts we may have had that are no longer serving us, therefore helping to raise our vibration in this way as well. When we work with and spend time getting acquainted with our crystals we learn from them through the way we’re able to relax and focus on them.

Crystals are a beautiful way to connect to the grounding and comforting energies of our Mother Earth. They’re a way to connect to our own divine selves and connect with those around us.

Click here to learn a little more!

Your body is screaming for help!




The body tells the story of what is going on in your life. We just never got the manual.

We are completely made up of energy and frequency. All the muscles, bones, organs, and the systems that they make up. Sometimes you walk into a place and feel comfortable  and other times you don’t feel comfortable.  We FEEL everything. We have energy centers called Chakras that also receive energy from our thoughts that will also affect your over all health! That will be a whole other topic!

 Every organ is designed for different functions, in addition to being a receiver to our emotions at all times.  Lower sad thoughts create lower frequencies, good thoughts create higher frequencies.

The liver filters the blood and conjugates the hormones. But has the unfortunate job of holding onto our anger. Very angry people could end up with psoriasis of the liver. That why it is so important to let go of unhappy thoughts and feelings, especially anger, resentment, unresolved grief.

The lungs hold sadness. 

The stomach is worry. 

The pancreas is your sweetness in life, and when something happens, when you lose that something sweet in your life, it could be the trigger for sugar issues! 

Bladder Issues?  Who are you pissed off at?  What do you need to say to somebody that your not…which eventually will wind up being a sore throat with all those words trapped in there.   All of our emotions are connected to organs. Each time we have a thought, every thought, the energy, high or low, goes to the respective organ and effects it either positively or slows down the function.

If you really want to figure out what’s ailing you, think about some of the stresses your stressing about and how they relate to what symptoms you may be reflecting in your body.

If your knee hurts think what situation in your life you are not bending to change The list goes on and on. 

Louise Hay goes into more depth, with her  wonderful life journey of her own healing, “You can heal your Life”.

You should check it out and see if it resonates, I imagine it will.  If you want help to get back to balance and do some healing…Call and come and see us!

Move Past it with Mookaite!!!!



Are you finding yourself really procrastinating about taking chances and moving forward with plans…  Then you can figure out the solution and move on.  Got the crystal to help you free yourself and get moving….MOOKAITE…a beautiful jasper from Australia.  Its an excellent Solar Plexus stone, the Chakra center of personal power.  This stone will stone to help bring to the surface, deeply buried issues holding you back.  Perfect for a time when we are moving deeper into our own knowing of the self.

Mookaite is anexcellent stone to connect with the earths electromagnetic forces.  Therefore, your kind of plugged in to a natural current and not only will that help ground you but you’ll have that focus you need to prioritize and get moving!  You can begin to look at change in your life as new opportunities.  Remember, we are in a Universal energy of hitting that reset button…and the next 6 months are urging us to stay moving forward, to just keep your momentum going.

Our intuition is at a high level and following it now is really in your best interest.  This stone really promotes feeling and knowing your natural instincts and makes it so much more comfortable to follow and trust them.  Personal power and direction to move in…I’ll take a dozen!!!! You know that gut instinct…mookaite will intensify your spiritual knowing.

It has been thought to also useful in helping to treat cystitis, kidney and bladder issues…assists in keeping good energy in the kidney and bladder and helps us to stay hydrated balances mineral levels in the body.

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