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Forgiveness takes a little compassion…

Forgiving can be one of the most liberating things we can do for ourselves.  Then why does it seem to be one of our biggest challenges???  Because if its easy we don’t learn. Most humans need to learn the hard way.  And I am coupling compassion with this forgiveness topic because in some ways we need to have compassion for those that need to forgive.  They are going through what they need to forgive and the emotions connected to that.  We all perceive situations and heal very differently.  In case you haven’t noticed.  And probably not because we are so caught up in judging each others actions and behaviors not relative to our own that we lose the part about its not our business and shouldn’t have an effect on us anyway.

No ones ever angry!  so they say…but they just don’t remember!

Sometimes we hold onto anger as a subconscious way of protecting ourselves from being hurt again.  In the long run, that is worse.

 In fact, many people are still holding onto grudges or anger for something that happened 1, 2,  15, 25, 40 even 50 years ago.  Please tell me what sense this makes when Buddha makes it very clear that “holding on to anger is like drinking a bottle of poison and waiting for the other person to die”.  If we hold on we lose.   It effects our emotional state.  It interferes with relationships.  It effects your sleep.  Until you consciously let go of it, it eats away at you, and you don’t even know it.  And, truth be told it takes a lot of weight off your shoulders because you are carrying it around whether you realize it or not.

Now, I am not saying you have to go up to the person or persons and forgive them to their face or be their best friend forever.  But, we really don’t know how another person thinks.   We don’t know what their fears are that caused whatever to happen.  Or their jealousies for that matter.  Try your best to be compassionate.  

Here are a few tips:

So sit quietly, close your eyes, see them in your space.  Forgive them.   Say it however you want, but mean it.  Then ask them, YES, ask them to forgive you for anything you may not have aware that you did, to forgive you.  Then LET IT GO.  Release it from your body because it will eventually begin bringing imbalances to your physical body.  You can disagree with me but I have been doing this work way to long to not know this as a fact.  You can even write them a letter and burn it when your done and let it be gone.

It’s going to hurt you less if you just try it!  This will help you to live free of hatred and with peace in your heart.  Bottom line, if you want to live a healthy, happy life, let go of the anger that may be holding you back!

Check out some items to assist with compassion and forgiveness here!

Finding Joy in the Moment…Its a thought away


Let’s face it are all somewhat overly stressed by a barrage of responsibilities every day.  Children with a lot of activities, project at work, aging parents maybe and everything we would do for our self is on the back burner!  Friends and socializing, going to the gym, beach maybe are the things we put on hold.  When things get so demanding that to me is the time we need love and joy even more than ever!  If not, arguments happen, you’re not thinking clearly causing a short fuse for people.  It can be frustrating.  And probably you have less energy and less sleep.

Now what do you do?

So how do you bring more Joy in your life?  Well, first and most important is that the dictionary defines joy as a feeling of already possessing that you which you so desire.  So the first step is to not get caught up in the present moment, live it and project what you want it to be.  Make sense?

I am here to say that there is a way, even with all these things going on to bring more joy and love into your life.  You want to start by scheduling into your life at least one thing you love to do.  

It may seem out of reach but it really isn’t.

Try These Suggestions, they work for me and many others

When you feel in over your head, swirling in a vortex…think affirmations!  YES.  THINK AFFIRMATIONS.  At really random times.  You have to begin by replacing your stressed thinking with your own or build around these…you can make your own or find them everywhere…there is no excuse not to use them.

I have many strengths and talents. I am amazing and I have a lot to offer.

I AM LOVED AND VALUED BY OTHERS!  This one everyone should recite!

 Repeat these affirmations to yourself whenever you need a reminder of how amazing you are!

The more you find love, peace you give the more love you will have to give to others.

I know this sounds so repetitive and so simple but the more you practice forgiving, accepting, and opening your heart the more people will begin returning the feelings to you.

A change in your thinking, coming from a place of Love helps.

If you can only learn to love others unconditionally, that same love will flow back in abundant amounts to you!  That will bring you Joy!

Stop focusing on what is stretching you to your limits and focus on all the things that you do so well and don’t give yourself the credit for what you do hold on your shoulders and all the juggling you do!  Stop blaming yourself ever for not being adequate.  Don’t ever be down on yourself.  Positive self talk is key.  While you’re at it give someone else some love and support as to their good qualities and make them feel good about themselves also.  Everyone needs that little bit of nurturing thru compliments.  Give it freely and get it back.  Joy right there.  I know it brings me joy when someone leaves my Holistic Apothecary feeling happier and better about themselves.  Teach them about their inner strength and give them hope.  Doesn’t it just feel good to know you brightened someone’s day?  Sure it does.

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Having Positivity In Your Life

Having Positivity In Your Life

November 18, 2018

I once read, “The best way to start your day is with a grateful heart”. I find this to be a true testament, as it sets up your intentions, vibe, and mood for the whole rest of the day. Sometimes, it seems like a task to conjure up a list of things, people, or even events that we are grateful for. Life can become hectic and it may seem like a never-ending cycle of unfortunate circumstances. However, this is not the case, as every cycle has a beginning and an end. The only unchanging element is change itself, and therefore we must be able to adapt. When we constantly live in our vacuumed mind of negative thoughts, it will only attract more negativity in your life. No matter the circumstances that are surrounding you, make that change within your mind. What we think, we become and that is the key in generating positive energy.

When you wake up in the morning, even if you had a bad night, just say to yourself it is a new day and I only allow positivity into my space. You are energetically inviting these thoughts to manifest in the physical world. When you are feeling down, it can feel hard to pull yourself out of that hole. Although, do not fear for you are actually only in a spiral, as you can freely flow up and wind down and back around. If we all understood how easy it is to really turn the vibrational frequencies around, everyone would be happy. You cannot simply just wake up with a negative and defeated attitude awaiting positive energy to smack you in the face. It just does not work in that fashion. You must BE the positive energy, be the change in your mindset – YOU have all the power within you. Many people look outside of themselves for this source of positivity when in reality, the only place you will find it is indeed within you. Take a second today, light a positive energy intention candle, and write down five things you are truly grateful for. Then say this affirmation out loud to yourself – Today is a day of happiness and peace. I am grounded and centered. I am grateful for my beautiful life and all of the blessings I am receiving. I exude POSITIVE ENERGY! Feel that beautiful energy surrounding you and watch as more positivity floods into your life!

If you would like to check out our positivity tools, click here!

Taurus Full Moon Astrology October 24 2018 by Kristie Kull

Full Moon in Taurus

The Sun entered Scorpio early yesterday morning and today we have a Full Moon in Taurus at 12:45 pm.  In the house that Taurus rules in our chart we seek love, beauty, stability, and comfort.  In this house Taurus asks us what we value and/or how we want to be valued by others.  As the moon moves into this sign it will meet up with Uranus and could “shake things up”.  Uranus often brings sudden and unexpected changes. During this moon you may find yourself focused more on love relationships and your financial situation.  While this change may feel unpredictable and uncertain over the next 2 weeks, it may also feel exciting.  Sudden change of any kind can feel disruptive and scary, but this moon will also make an easy aspect with Saturn, helping us to feel more security and stability around all of these sudden changes.

To help integrate this Full Moon energy,  Full Moon ritual.  Because this particular Full Moon may be having many of us focused on our love lives or money issues, maybe make a grid that focuses on that.  Some crystals that you can use in your grid are, green aventurine, citrine, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, and emerald. If you’re unsure of how to make a crystal grid, watch this video that Phyllis made on Monday that will show you one to try.

If you want to learn more about how this Full Moon might effect you personally, call the Apothecary to set up a consultation with me.

– Written by our lovely Kristie Kull

Call 215-367-5380 to set up a consult with Kristie

Spring Equinox 2018: Freshen Up That Aura!

You know the old saying “spring cleaning”? There is some real truth to this, as the spring equinox is all about cleaning the old stagnant energy. It’s all about awareness in your openness, and finding balance in our lives. This is a sacred time, where twice a year the sun aligns to give us equal hours of night and day. Ancient cultures saw these celestial movements as deep correlations of a reflection of spiritual journey that the earth is bringing into essence. There is a direct shift in energy, creating space for new and exciting opportunities in your life. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to clear out negative or unnecessary energy, today is your day! Things that have been held back or stagnant in your life will also begin to shift as a new chapter is beginning for all of us. Just as the seasons change, now externally to internally we will feel the powerful and spiritual effects of this energy upon us. This is due to the fact that on the March Equinox, the Sun moves into the first constellation of Aries. The astrological sign of Aries is a great start to help all of us in creating the courage and initiative to move forward in our lives and go after what we want! Aries is all about yourself image, how you see yourself and how you want others to see you.


Plant the seeds right now for whatever you want to manifest. Watch as your thoughts and actions water those seeds. At this time, Mother Nature is giving us extra fuel and guidance to help us on our paths. Moving forward this year is all about the oneness, focusing on grounding our bodies and creating a stable foundation to grow. It is all about the growth of those seeds planted, being secure in your beliefs and truths. Don’t dig up what you have now planted, as each of our journeys may not be easy – but it will create wonderful opportunities, embracing the positive energy infused with this swift vibrational shift that is occurring all around us. This symbolism is deeply rooted in the changing of seasons, representing the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This equinox brings rebirth into your life, so take this energy and create your most wonderful version of your life.

So you may be wondering, how can you make the most out of this divine time with the spring equinox? One of my favorite things to do is a ritual where you can use crystals, sage, and write down some intentions. What you want to do is write out your intentions first, things that you want to start in this new chapter. You will then sage your room or house with the intention of clearing out all negative and unnecessary energy that is in your space. You can even sage yourself! Put out the sage stick safely on a plate (not plastic) or even outside in the dirt! At this point set up your crystals as you get ready to say your intentions out loud! Some ideas would be to put crystals around you in a circle as you sit or stand, or build a crystal grid. Then you want to say your intentions so the universe hears them and begins to you manifest them. Check out all of our clearing and cleansing tools here!

Throat Chakra Healing – Speak Your Truths!

           There are times in life that you may feel stifled by all the banter out there, being told what to do by other people who control your level of pay. Money isn’t the most important thing in life but it is the rules we live by from the material world. It is a sentiment of almost hitting a brick wall, not feeling able to express yourself properly out of fear. This could really pertain to any situation – maybe as a romantic relationship, or a family incident causing stress – it can be whatever you insert within the space that makes you feel incapable of expressing your true beliefs, wants, and ideas. This is problematic, because our frame of mind is only showing us one reality, when in actuality, this is not the case. If you express yourself and you feel that things are falling apart because of it, let it all fall. This is helping you shed anything and anyone that doesn’t align with your highest truth! This is part of our ascension and what we call into being. If we pretend to be fake, then we are not resonating with our true feelings and emotions. Therefore, everything we are affirming and attracting will be counterfeit.

           Stating your raw and real truths isn’t always easy, but we need to understand that this is a necessary part of our growth spiritually. Where are you trying to go on your journey? Who are you becoming? These are important questions to ask yourself when you look in the mirror because how we express ourselves, cultivates our identity. How we talk to ourselves also says a lot about the reality we are experiencing. When we have self-doubt, and talk down about ourselves it shifts the vibrational energy – creating negativity. This can block not only your throat chakra, but your sacral chakra – causing a blockage of creativity and birthing of ideas. Ultimately, we need to understand that EVERYTHING is connected. When you speak, account for what your mind says, but also what your heart says. Intention is everything and when you put your intent out there, it will manifest into reality.

          The throat chakra is also connected to one’s ability to hear, naturally as this is essential for communication. This area is also covered by psychic abilities of the third eye, as clairaudience will be enhanced by your communication skills! When we actually listen and reflect upon the words and expressions of others, we constructively respond with our own words and emotions. We can learn a great deal from this communication and understand ourselves better in terms of how we are viewed by the world. Sometimes these viewpoints will not be valid, as we should consider the source. But by using your intuition and ability to listen to your inner guidance, you will understand when the need to reflect upon listening is legitimate. Allow yourself to feel those emotions that you are expressing or someone has expressed, and then let it go! It will create so much more space for new, beautiful, and abundant opportunities in your life!

          Let your voice be heard and never underestimate your sense of self when expressing your desires, ideas and feelings! This is so important to keep our throat charka balanced and cultivate our communication skills. This will ensure our highest potential to ascend here on earth and cultivate a reality we absolutely love! Communication is essential!

The best crystals for the Throat Chakra are Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Angelite, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Amazonite, and Blue Tiger Eye!

The best oils for the Throat Chakra are Jasmine, Rosemary, and Sandalwood!


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Full Blood Super Blue Moon, Total Eclipse in Leo!

Everyone has been asking us about this! WELP! Here it is!

Tomorrow night on January 31st, 2018 we will witness a Full Blood Super Blue Moon! This is a very rare occurrence, as we haven’t seen this since 1866! Aren’t you ready to just take off, make things happen and LIVE!!!! What you want and what you are focusing on are about to be with this Lunar energy…this is the year to make things happen, no looking back, nothing in your way and a mindset that nothing can stop the current that you are in…Its electric this energy.  You can feel it.  We are moving so swiftly and things are happening in every area of our lives.  No holding back.

Leo…Leo Governs the Heart…if you’ve been watching my Feng Shui videos then you know that #5 Section, the back wall of a room, right third….LEO, ROMANCE, FUN, CREATIVITY…Who do I love, What do I love to do!!!! The total lunar eclipse will cleanse your emotions, and clear away old emotional baggage. Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on intimate relationships, your home and your family. This will bring up any feelings that are unnecessary to your well-being, and clearly show you relationships with imbalance. This is a time of completion to balance your emotional self, aiding you in choosing between the crossroads. Your spiritual intuition will be heightened as you will be gaining information about your path on earth.  A window opens and we are drawn into ourselves, the part that we don’t show to the world, the emotional and deepest part of our psyche. This is a great time to allow love into your life, calling in your soulmate while releasing old emotional baggage.

This is the perfect time to finish a long-term goal, as luck is on your side to enhance your abilities of getting things done. This full moon will emanate special and rare feminine lunar energy, infused with the creativity, leadership, and dignity of Leo.  This is a time for new beginnings, bringing in fresh energy around you, creating new opportunities on your path. Embrace your creative self and the fact that you are an artist, making art everyday. This is a powerful time!!!!  Everything that you focus on during a FULL SUPERMOON is amplified and made stronger…So LOVE, and all of the above are absolutely attainable…Crystals to have on hand….Moonstone (I know you know) Green Aventurine, Carnelian, Rose Quartz

Here are some Essential Oils if you have them on hand and if not, we do!!!

Geranium for Love and Trust, Tangerine for Creativity, Ginger for Empowerment, Peppermint for a Joyful Heart, Thyme for Releasing which is the Full moon energy, and it is also for Forgiveness…Rose for Deep Love and the Heart, Lime for the Zest of Life…Juniper Berry to Face and Release your Fears…

Let this NEW YEAR happen and allow for all of the power and energy that is ours because we are plugged into the Universe.  That is our power source and this energy that is happening tomorrow night with this moon is not to be taken lightly if you want to release and manifest.

The moon will be 11degrees in Leo, in an 11 year (2018) and here we have again a chance to move thru the 11:11 portal…This is so exciting!!!

Reclaim Your Power – Solar Plexus Healing

             There may be times when you feel powerless or not good enough. You may be asking yourself, how did I get here? How do I regain my power? The answer is simple; you must believe and love yourself with no conditions. Even when people start to say negative things to you, do not believe them. They should not create your reality for you. If someone isn’t matching your positive vibrations, it is time to let go of that energy. Cut out anything that is unnecessary in your life that may be causing you to feel that you are “losing” your power. Although, it is to be known that really, you are not losing your power – for your power source is the essence of your own created energy. What are you affirming to the universe? What are you putting out there?

                If the answer is self-doubt, than that is exactly what you are attracting. The universe can only match the vibrations that are being reverberated from your thoughts, speech, and actions. Channel that higher guidance, ask for help and believe in your own ability to connect with spirit. Do not get down on yourself when things do not go as planned. Life moves in cycles, and every beginning ultimately has an ending. Those moments will pass and after that difficult cycle is over, you will see the serendipitous events that let you know you are a powerful creator of your reality. Although, it is important to recognize, you cannot “wait” for happiness, keep yourself in that loving energy and see how quickly everything shifts around you.

                If you feel drained check your energy source that generates from your power center. And where is this power center you may ask? It is in your gut, which is very fitting because when you are conceived, the first part of your physical body that forms is your stomach. The universe says this, what you give you must receive, so know your worth! Be kind, because how you feel about yourself will translate how you treat others. Spiritual energy transforms our self power, and affects everything around us. When we lose our power, we may feel less confident or negative about ourselves. This only feeds the fear within us and only brings down our energy to a level that cannot heal us, but actually can damage our vibrational power. Love with all of your heart, as this will not only raise and heal your own self, but also heal the people around you – demonstrating the true power you have in manifesting and raising the vibrations around you. Prepare yourself vibrationally to receive all that you deserve. Regain your power today and see how your life changes!

Crystals to help regain your Solar Plexus Power:



Golden Labradorite

Golden Quartz

Tiger Eye

Oils that help reclaim power and aide in healing your Solar Plexus:

Clary Sage




Lemon Balm






Black Pepper


You can also practice affirmations to raise your vibrational energy immediately and help reclaim your power by stating:

  • I have the ability to be confident and control my life
  • I have power
  • I am respectful of the emotions of others
  • I am positively empowered and successful
  • I am authentic
  • I feel great passion and purpose for life
  • I am a responsible being


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The Law of Divine Oneness states that we are all ONE!

The Law of Divine Oneness states that we are all ONE!

They’re rubber…You’re glue…Everything you say sticks back to you

Nature, all of humanity, plants, EVERYONE!  Everything we think do or say has a direct effect on others.  Obviously this is because we are all energy and vibrating.

So here is an example:  Your partner is never on time.  This angers you.  Your first reaction is to yell and scream and be angry.  But stop for a second and think, if you were late. Do you want to be screamed at? And yes I realize this is recurring which becomes frustrating…so let’s look at it this way…

Since we are all connected and everything effects everything and everyone…wouldn’t this response make things work a little better.  

“we are always late for things and I know its not consciously done…but I feel awkward making excuses, what can we do to make sure this doesn’t always happen?”  So now, its not a conflict we are working as one to make the change together so nobody has to feel uncomfortable.  Clearly this takes some respect for the other persons feelings but you are now coming from a place of love and correcting the situation!  Remember, if you put the anger out to someone, it’s coming back to you.  Getting angry can ruin your day do you really want to start out that way?  I didn’t think so!  The world responds to you the way that you do!

When we are born and for quite a long time we are with parents and caregivers which gives us a sense of security and bonding.  As we get older and start school and being around peers a certain amount of that security is replaced by outside energies that change our energy to experience ourselves separate from others.  Its very subtle.  When you think of sound going out to the universe it never really stops but at some point you can’t hear it anymore but it is still there.

Its all about working together for the common good.  Service to others.  Its about coming from a place that you want others to come from.  Stop and think.  How would I like this to be presented to me.  It only takes a second or two to think…what im sending out I am bringing to me…in actions and words!

So the point here is and a solution is…Think and find the kindest way that you can resolve your differences with people.  Anger is a very uncomfortable feeling, its heavy, and draining and its not good for your liver.  

So today and all week, practice thinking before you react to things, find the common goal of the highest good of everyone involved and just this little step:

Am I coming from a place of Peace?

Am I coming from a place of LOVE?

Attracting what you want with ease!!

The Law Of Attraction and 

Using it not just hearing about it!

Week 1 Live With Phyllis and Kim

Wednesday January 3, 2018

Holistic Apothecary FB


Everyone knows we have laws.  But there is a set of Laws called Universal Laws.  They are not decided by a government or any one group.  They are aligned with the natural energy flow that surrounds us and moves through us all the time all our lives.  We get the most out of them when we don’t resist this source of energy.  We actually really control it with our thoughts every single second of our lives. They are easily accessed on the Internet and written maybe a word or two differently but the Law itself stays the same.  

In simple terms the Universal Laws can be described as the Dynamics of Energy Movement and how you can access and use them to your advantage in your life and achieve as much as you want!  And no one can take this ability away from you!

We have prepared an outline to help you to acquaint yourself with and begin to use these Laws to improve the quality of your life and happiness and to get to a place where you really realize and feel how Love is such a huge vibration for bringing things to us.  When we cut out all the sabotaging self talk.  When we learn to trust there is a power greater than us.  Stick with it and you will see the changes, synchronicity, stress reduced in your life, more ease in making decisions and a way to implement in your life the ability to “Go with the Flow”…. Today is about the Law Of Attraction

To begin…this week use the following steps to increase your awareness about your thoughts and that you want to give yourself YOU time!

First…Learn to quiet your mind.  If you’ve never practiced this before, start with 3 minutes and work your way up to at least 10 minutes.  This will allow you to relax and be in the moment you are working with.

Then…Picture what you want.  Be absolutely sure about what it is you want.  Do not doubt for a second that you are capable of getting it!  When you think of what you want you are literally putting an order out to the Universe with your thoughts and if you doubt your self you are sending a mixed frequency and you most likely won’t wind up with what you wanted!

Feel passionate and enthusiastic about what it is! 

Next…See it as already manifested and you have it already.  The more details you include the better.  If its your dream house, see yourself pulling up to it after work.  If its a new job you would love to do, see yourself doing it and loving it.  If its a special someone you desire, see yourself spending time with them, even getting that first kiss!!!

Now…Write it down as if you already have what you want.  Start with “I am so grateful that I live in my dream house.”  Every day write it down until it happens. Every day!  Close your eyes and see it as it happening and already there.

By Now..You should FEEL IT…act, walk around and think in terms as if you already have it.  If you do this, you are actually sending the message out that you have it already and it doesn’t look like you need it anymore!

Be Grateful for receiving all that you have.   Be thankful for what you have because the more you are thankful the more the universe wants you to have because you are thankful.  Be thankful for everything.  Parking spaces, your favorite shirt on sale, the call you were waiting for happened…you didn’t get the promotion you wanted but you find out you would have to move to Alaska and you didn’t want that…say THANK YOU!

Last but absolutely not least TRUST…Know without any shadow of a doubt that there is a power greater than us.  Don’t  Ask and then allow for the universe to make it happen at exactly the right time and for all the right reasons.  Don’t worry about how.  It’s already worked out, it just hasn’t manifested yet.  If you worry, its like telling the Universe you don’t think they can bring you what you asked for and that cancels it out.  If you think for one second, that the Universe is not as powerful as it is…that will block everything.

So….Start with something that you really want to achieve.  Put these steps into practice and be open to all that is available and realize how much power you have over your own life and all that you are surrounded by!

Let us know if you need some assistance!  Feel free to inbox either one of us and we will get back to you asap!!!  Each week we will examine different Universal Laws to help you to get in sync and move forward on your journey with Faith, Trust and Love in your life!

How do we know….WE JUST DO IT!


Do things that make you really happy.  Have pictures around or affirmations next to the mirror where you brush your teeth.  Think happy thoughts. Change the frequency of what you are putting out!  Jump around dance and scream and just feel all the joy!  In order to make this work, focus on simple things first to integrate these steps and then when you see that they work, pretty quickly, you will learn to trust and have faith.  That’s huge. Focus as often as you can on what you DO want not on what you don’t want. If you are angry or upset about an issue that has been going on, and angry focus on Peace.  At that exact moment choose it!  Think of what you do want.  If your focus stays on what you don’t want thats where the energy will go.

Feel the Love for having what you wanted.  Love is the highest of all vibrations and the fact is that all desires are heart felt and this is where we send out what we want.

Be patient.  It may not be a day or a week or a couple weeks even.  The minute you have doubt, that is how you cancel out what you dreamed and asked the universe for.






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