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Smudging: Clearing Space & Yourself

smudgingHello friends! Many folks come into our store and ask about smudging. The first thing to know is that there are many different types of smudging tools that you can use! You can always go to our video to check out the multiple options we have in store to use for smudging. The most important element when we smudge is the intention that goes into the process. The intention will raise the vibrations in the energy you are creating within your physical, as well as emotional and spiritual space. This will ultimately predetermine the use of the smudging material to clear the environment. This could include, but is not limited to, clearing negativity and uplifting the positive vibrations in your home, work, or outside space you dwell in. You can always call upon your spirit guides, angels, or any spiritual crew you have! They are always listening to your call, and are ready to assist you in any manner you are inquiring about.

So now you may ask, “How do I start the smudging process?” After you have a clear intention in mind, all you need to do is use your tool, with proper instruction, to begin clearing your space. For instance, if you are using sage, any kind of sage you prefer, you will begin by lighting one end of it. When you see that the sage is burning brightly, blow out the fire and let the smoke pour from its embers. In our store, we think of our sage as the holy Mecca of smells! Can you say AMAZING!! Just be careful that you aren’t fully basking in that sage delight and do not realize how much smoke is ascending! Sage can get quite smokey if you aren’t careful! We have set off a fire alarm…or two…or five…by smudging our store. At this point, you want to start at the doorway and smudge clockwise around the entire door.  As you are smudging, you will want to begin repeating your intention that you have previously thought over. You want to continue smudging in a clockwise formation in every room you do, as we want to stay with the universal polarity and energy that flows in this formation. This will assist the process and clearing of your space in divine alliance with spirit. Feel free to also use your smudging tool to clear your own aura! It is an amazing feeling to smudge yourself or have someone you trust smudge you! In the same way that you smudge your doorway and rooms, you want to smudge your physical body in a clockwise formation and comb out your aura of any negative or unwanted debris from your daily life. After you are done, you should feel a huge weight lifted, as the space, as well as yourself, will feel lighter, brighter and more positive. You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor and let that sun shine down upon you even on a cloudy day!

Love & Light,

Marisa @ Holistic Apothecary

Crystal Power: More Than Just Pretty Rocks

power of crystalsHi Friends! We meet again! If you have never been to our shop, we carry a large variety of different crystals. These stones have an amazing quality about them, a truly mystical force just waiting to connect with all of us! So you may be wondering…what’s all the hype about crystals?!  Crystals hold a powerful vibration within them, spreading their frequencies for each and every one of us to experience. Your aura is a sacred spectrum of all that your soul encapsulates through your physical body. Crystals enhance and metaphysically protect our auras – raising our energetic field to its highest euphoric potential!  Each crystal has its own energy that creates properties and characteristics unique to that stone. Everything on this earth has energy, and crystals are no different.

Crystal use in healing dates back to some 60,000 years ago, and have been intrinsically linked to humankind since then!  They have been depicted in many cultures as a healing mechanism for our society. It is known that we, as humans, all have crystalline energies within us. The crystals that we may feel “drawn” to either represent something that is missing from our energetic chemistry or something that strongly exists within us already. Our energies become balanced and enhanced with these precious gemstones. These crystals amplify our intentions and manifest the energy we are portraying out to the world. When you hold a crystal in your hand, you will be able to feel the energetic pulse and experience a sensational reaction.

So what can you do with your crystals? Once you feel you have connected energetically with one – or dozens – you may be asking, how can I use them in my daily routine? There is no overly embellished procedure that you need to prepare when using your crystals. Just carrying your crystals around will give you those good vibes you are searching for! All of us at Holistic Apothecary carry our crystals around and use them for specific situations! For example, jade and malachite are excellent stones for those who travel. Whenever I am going to venture off somewhere, I make sure to bring my malachite and jade with me! Those energies will affect you in a positive way each and every day.

When specifically using your crystals, you definitely want to program them. What does this mean? You do not have to crack a secret code and go all Adventures of the Lost Ark. Pretty plain and simple, you want to hold the crystal(s) in your hand and state an intention for them. This is what we mean by the term programming. The intention, generally with anything in life, is the most important factor for programming your crystals. This will tell the crystals what you are intending to use their energy for and what characteristics you are specifically calling upon.

 Some ways to use your crystals can entail meditation, grids, Feng Shui, Reiki and generally just clearing and enhancing the energies for healing. If you are going to meditate with your crystals, you can either sit on the floor, or any area you find suiting, and place the crystals around you so the energies amplify your session. You can also lie down, in a safe area of course, and place the crystals on your body. I personally like to place the crystals on the different chakras that correspond with that crystal. Some crystals can be applied to several chakras as they represent vibrational connections to many, if not all of the energy centers. We hope you can feel the energy and explore the dazzling world of crystals today and everyday!

Love & Light,

Marisa @ Holistic Apothecary

Meditation Tips

Hello and blessings to all during this lovely spring season. Working at Holistic Apothecary we talk about meditation a lot. We often hear people say, “I can’t meditate” or “I don’t really have time to meditate.” Well, today we’d like to share some tips to easily make meditation part of your daily routine. It’s much easier than you think, and takes less time than you can imagine.

Making the Time – “I’m too busy” or “there’s not enough time in a day” are just excuses to not take time for you. Meditating is not just a way of pampering yourself; it’s a way of nurturing yourself. It’s a way for us to release all the energetic and emotional baggage we picked up throughout the day. Or to start the day with a clean slate, without any stress or worries of what is to come. This might come as a surprise to many, but meditating does not have to take an hour, or even a half hour. In 3-5 minutes you can clear, center and ground yourself. Being ready to take on whatever the day has to offer. As you move forward, you may find yourself wanting to meditate longer. Add a few minutes each day, or set aside time once a week to do one longer meditation. Remember, a short meditation is better than not meditating at all.

Making the Space – Many people think they need to have a sacred space with crystal and candles or incense burning in the background in order to meditate. While all of these things are great and certainly add to the meditation, it is possible to meditate without them. You only need a few minutes to transform a space into your own private sanctuary. Be it on the train/bus, in bed before you get up, in the bathroom, or in the parking lot at work. One way to do this is to create your own personal bubble. Visualize yourself holding a sphere of your favorite color light. Now expand that sphere of light so that you and only you are in it, clearing any energy from it that is not yours. Now you have your own space. Please DO NOT meditate while driving or doing any other tasks that require your full attention. Always be sure that your environment is safe, and that you will be safe for a few moments while your eyes are closed. As your meditations progress, you may decide to create a sacred space used specifically for them. You can add candles, incense, oils, crystals, a mat to sit on, prayer beads, a meditation shawl to wear, or some music to help create the space and intention for your meditation. Whatever works for you…go with it!

Making the Commitment – It can be a little overwhelming to commit time and energy to new daily tasks. What’s great about meditation is that no one is going to yell at you if you don’t do it. You are not in competition with anyone, so if you forget, it is no big deal. If you choose to not do it, no biggie…if you choose to do it, you will see the true reward … Try not to pressure yourself into meditating, and don’t beat yourself up if you forget. We think that once you start, you will notice how beneficial it is. You will want to make sure you are doing it as often as you can.

Making the Meditation – There are many, many ways to meditate. The intention for the meditation will determine how you will go about it. If you find you have difficulties clearing your mind, a guided meditation may be helpful. You can purchase guided meditations on CD or download them, or come into Holistic Apothecary. We have guided one hour meditations once a month. If you’d rather do your own, that is great too.

Here are some ideas you can add to your meditations.

You can do one or all, it’s up to you. Enjoy!!

*Once you are comfortable, sitting, standing or lying down, it’s time to begin.  A nice place to start, with any meditation, is to focus on your breaths. Slow them down and concentrate on them. With each inhale, feel the breaths fill the body with oxygen, all the way to your fingers and toes. As you exhale, release any stress, anger, fear, sadness, doubt or anything that you no longer want.

*Your mind is stronger than you may think, USE IT. It can be as simple as making statements like, “I release all fear and worry”, ”I release any blockages holding me back spiritually, mentally and physically” or “I love and respect myself.”  Come up with an affirmation that works for you or find one that resonates with you. You can say or think it once, or repeat it over and over like a mantra. This may help if you have difficulties clearing the dialogue out of your head.

*Staying centered and grounded can sometimes be tricky, especially for those who do a lot for other people. This could help. Bring white light down into your crown chakra (top of the head), straight down through your body towards your feet. Imagine each chakra getting brighter and larger as the white light moves through it. Once the light gets to your toes, visualize golden roots extending from your feet down towards the core of the earth and wrapping around it. Continue to bring the light through yourself and down to the earth’s core. Feel the connection with our planet, and enjoy it!!

*Sometimes a meditation can be somewhat of a “get away” from everyday life; a chance to clear and recharge. Try going to a special place in your meditation. It can be real or imagined.  Start by visualizing the trip. Are you taking a train or airplane? You can even use a hot air balloon or a canoe. Get into your vehicle, imagine the trip, and then feel all the joy when you get there. It helps if you use all of your senses. What does the air smell like? How does the seat feel? Can you taste anything? Can you hear any birds or other animals? Is the sun shining bright? Truly be in your meditation. Remember to take the trip home when you are finished with your “vacation”. This will help you to feel more grounded when your meditation is complete.   

We hope you enjoy these tips and use them to assist you with your meditations.

Be creative, be safe and have fun.

Remember…in YOUR life, there should always be time for YOU.


Love & Light,

Giuseppe @ Holistic Apothecary

Sun in Taurus : April 20 – May 21

Hey Guys! Thanks for coming to our blog, as we are all excited to take this journey with you! It’s been awhile – but we are officially back! What a perfect entry to refresh our posting than the sun moving into Taurus. Sure – we all go online and read about zodiac qualities to learn a little more about people in our lives. But! Many of us still are unaware of how the sun in each sign effects every one of us regardless of what your sun sign is! Here are some things to think about over the next few weeks.

With the Sun moving into Taurus, an earth sign, it is time to enjoy the earthly pleasures of life. If it tickles your senses in a joyous way, do it. Make reservations to your favorite restaurant that you only go to for special occasions, and treat yourself to that decadent dessert that you usually pass up. Indulge…Indulge…Indulge. Cuddle up in that soft blanket that feels so good on your skin. It is a time to do what pleases YOU. If it doesn’t, then skip it. No need to feel guilty, or selfish, this nourishes our souls and is part of our yearly astrological journey.

Earthy Taurus is at home in mother nature. Spend as much time as you can outdoors. Go for long hikes, play in the garden, or just sit under a tree and take in all the beauty that our earth has to offer. It’s nice to feel the grass in-between your toes. Kick off your shoes and enjoy that grounding and comforting energy.

Let’s not forget the stubborn bull that Taurus symbolizes. Relentlessly standing behind your convictions is great when you’re right…WHEN you’re right. Be willing to bend while the sun is in Taurus. Remember, throwing a tantrum is not the way to get what you want.


Crystals associated with Taurus

azurite malachite chrysacolla
green calcite
blue kyanite
orange kyanite
orange aventurine
paua shell
red jasper
tiger eye
rose quartz
rutilated quartz

Essential Oils for Taurus

Ylang Ylang

Love & Light,

Giuseppe @ Holistic Apothecary

Universal Laws

By now, most of us have seen or at least heard of the movie “The Secret”…It really sent a spiral about the reality of the Law of Attraction…If you not using it your life, you should at least give it a try…here are the other laws:

The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness, one of the universal laws, says that we are all connected. Every thought, word, action affects others.
We are all part of the source of energy. When one suffers, we all suffer. When one grows, we all grow.
That is why when you feel anger, jealousy, frustration, hatred for another you are only hurting yourself. When you feel love, patience, kindness, friendship, empathy for someone, you are giving to yourself.

The Law of Vibration

Another of the universal laws is The Law of Vibration says that the universe moves in a circular pattern. It applies to every thought, feeling and desire. Every thought, sound, object has its own vibrational energy.
We are all here on Earth to raise our vibration. The highest vibration here is one called enlightenment. We seek to help others, aligning ourselves with God and living in His light.
Connecting through meditation, listening to God as He speaks with us. Enlightenment is ridding ourselves of our ego and all that we feel we should live up to in another’s eyes. We can let go of our vanity, our hold on money, our power with friends and family, our perceptions of others and theirs of us. It is a letting go, and true alignment with our true source, God.

The Law of Action
The Law of Action, another of the universal laws, says that knowledge alone is not power. Add knowledge with positive action and it can create a powerful force.
It is the burning desire that drives the action. As Michael Beckwith of Agape International says, “The pain pushes you, until the vision pulls you.”
What do you feel passionate about? What gives you that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach? Tap into that feeling!
The Law of Action is waiting for you to move! So many people wait for the perfect conditions before they will even take the first step. That would be like deciding to go to the grocery and getting into your car, starting it and waiting for all the lights to turn green before you leave the driveway.
How does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It is step by step. Moving forward all the time.

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence says that as we think in our mind internally, it manifests externally. “As within, so without,” comes to my mind.
That is why people that are filled with negative monkey chatter create such drama and negative events over and over in their life. Don’t you have a friend that it seems has a long list of all the things that have gone bad in just the last month or two.
You listen to her list and you wonder “How can all of these things happen to one person.” Well, The Law of Correspondence tells us that when we focus on junk in our minds, we will create junk!
So create what you want first on the inside and allow it to manifest in the physical world.
This is one of the universal laws that is known by another familiar name. It is often called “karma”.

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect, one of the universal laws, says that nothing happens by chance. For every action, there will be an equal or opposite reaction.
For example of equal reactions: When we react to others with kindness and love, it comes back to us. When we react to others with jealousy, anger, frustration, that comes back to us.
Say that someone you love is very upset. The equal reaction would be to be upset with them. The opposite reaction would be to provide calm words and actions, thus providing them with a peaceful environment, delaying there frustration.

The Law of Compensation
One of the universal laws, The Law of Compensation says we are rewarded by giving of self and service to others. You can’t give without receiving in return. English Metaphysical poet Francis Quarles describes the Law of Compensation: “As there is no worldly gain without some loss, so there is no worldly loss without some gain.”
We can not have success without failure or losses. We can not have joy life without some painful moments. You must travel through the desert to get to the promised land.

Author Andy Andrews tells this great story called the “Storm of Perfection” when he was a little boy his father took him hiking.
They were in a strong drought and everything was so dry, all the ponds, the trees, the grass was brown and withering. While hiking, a huge storm hit them. He was so scared, but his father comforted him.
With lightning, thunder and rain all around them, they took shelter under a tree until it was over. The walked around after the storm and noticed rain water rushing into the beaver pond filling it up. The beavers came out, the other animals in the forest.
The storm has replenished the land. It was a “storm of perfection.” It provided all that they required.
The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus your attention and energy upon, you will attract more of the same, whether wanted or unwanted.
This one of the universal laws has had a lot of attention in the last few years! Sometimes people don’t understand that positive energy attracts more positives and negative energy attracts more negatives. Like attracts like.
When you have conversations about what you don’t like or don’t want, you are attracting more negative energy. Once you begin to talk about what you do want, you will attract positive energy. Your vibration changes when you talk about what you want.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation Energy
Another of the universal laws is The Law of Perpetual Transmutation Energy says that anyone has the power to change conditions in his/her life. The higher a vibrational energy will align with other high energy and it has the ability to raise lower energies.
Within the universal laws, one has the ability to change, transform and grow.

The Law of Relativity
Universal laws of The Law of Relativity says that everything is in perfect order.
It says when we look at others situations and circumstances that our worse than ours, we feel blessed. When we look at others that we feel have a better life, we feel envious….hence, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!
Nothing is good or even bad until it relates to us. When you’ve experienced a hurt or sick child, you are more empathetic toward parents with a hurt or sick child. When you have a friend that has had her heart broken by a ended relationship, you can feel her pain, because you have experienced it.

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity says that everything has an opposite. You heard it described in the universal laws “As above, So below.”
What does this mean? We’ve all played with magnets at one time or another. With a magnet, there is a negative pole and a positive pole. If you connect the alike poles they bond together creating a strong force. If you attempt to put the different poles together they bounce off of each other not connecting.

Men and women are different, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray in 1992 showed us that, right?! Even though we are alike we are very different. It creates strong attraction of opposites.
A balance is a good visual to understand the Law of Polarity. Each side is opposite from the other, yet working together. When you place an rock on the right side that side goes down with the weight. If you place a rock on the left side it either raises above the right side, falls below it or if the rock is equal weight, it is balanced. Even though they are different and opposing each other, they are working together.
With good comes bad, with light comes dark, with black comes white. Although it would seem that you wouldn’t want bad or poor right? Well, out of the negative will always come the positive. It must!
How boring life would be if there were no opposite. Remember in Groundhog’s Day? To live the same day over and over with no variation! It wasn’t until he started experiencing life, making changes, doing things differently that his life began to transform!

The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm, one of the universal laws, says that everything is vibrational energy and it has a rhythm. There are rhythms to life. There are seasons, cycles, birth-death, patterns to living. It reminds me of the Lion King song, “The Circle of Life.”

The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender says that everything has a gestation period or an incubation period. Every thought is a seed planted into the universe. It takes time to cultivate and grow. Even when you can’t see the physical form, know that it is being manifested.

Angels Amoung Us

This page is completely divinely inspired. As I was speaking to my close friend Sandy last night, she told me about a chain of events that took place recently. This involves Sandy’s Sister my dear friend Sherri Cox, who sadly and very suddenly passed away July 16th 2008. The events she revealed where so awesome that I said to her “more people need to share these happenings.”

I invite you to share your angelic experiences with us so that more people will be able to relate and validate their own happenings and begin to open to the possibilities that are there for us. Please post your experiences below in the comments so we can all share in the magic that surrounds us daily.

I know everyone at least once, has had an experience, relating to a passed loved one, or something they heard in their head and couldn’t explain, that they know happened but couldn’t believe it.  And, most of all didn’t want to tell anyone because they would think they were crazy!!! Sound familiar? Well, I have been having these experiences all my life and have never had the fear of telling anyone so everyone always thought that of me. That is okay because I realized that they didn’t know…yet…and someday they would. Angels and souls that have moved on are around us all the time. They are there for the asking. They are there to guide, to give us answers, some help us stay or get onto our paths, warn us of danger, the list goes on and on. Think about this…we are all made in the Image of the creator. There is a part of him in all of us. Why do we need a third party to talk to him or ask him for assistance? That never made sense to me. We simply need to go within, find that place and ask. We have to find quiet, peace and a center and the rest will just happen. Our lives are so stressful with our daily outside obligations that we lose sight of what is already contained within.

I just found out about five years ago that the old woman who lived upstairs at my Grand moms house in South Philly was my great grand mom who died five years before I was born. No wonder my Mom and Aunt Marie never knew who I was talking about! I used to go up there on the third floor and there was a room where this old woman sat and rocked in her chair while I was playing with my dolls and talked to me.

Key Nutrients for Children’s Health

kidsThe following key nutrients help ensure that children obtain adequate nutrition for optimal health.


A child’s diet must provide the essential nutrients needed to support physical and cognitive development. For optimal health, children must obtain a balanced and healthy diet. Adding a vitamin
and mineral supplement to a child’s diet ensures that these important nutrients are not missed.

Pediatricians especially recommend a daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement for children who may not eat regular, well-balanced meals made from fresh, whole foods; picky eaters who may not eat enough; children with high activity levels who play physically demanding sports; children who eat a lot of fast food and processed foods; and children eating a vegetarian, dairy-free or other
restricted diet. A multiple vitamin and mineral supplement is also recommended for children who may drink a lot of carbonated sodas, which can leach vitamins and minerals from the body.

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