These Videos are a mini Intro to the Art of Feng Shui…Positioning furniture and other things in your environment to improve the flow of energy or “chi” for a balanced home or office!  Energetically speaking.  So simply Feng Shui is taking your home or office and making it a blank canvas on which you can paint what you want in your life.  By placing different articles, candles , books, pictures, anything….in a room that represent what you want in your life in every area of your life.  If it’s love you want, then putting fresh cut flowers or pictures of you and your partner, or writing an intention of the relationship  you desire on a piece of paper and placing in the Love area!   

If your interested in designing your life the way you want it to look!

If you want to SHOW the Universe what you want in each area of your life…..Time to take my Feng Shui Class!

1st House – Aries

2nd House – Taurus

3rd House – Gemini

4th House – Cancer

5th House – Leo

6th House – Virgo

7th House – Libra

8h House – Scorpio

9th House – Sagittarius

10th House – Capricorn

11th House – Aquarius

12th House – Pisces