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Herbs are Food…with a spark…to get you going!

I will do my best to break this down so that you can understand at the very least, how herbs are food and why they can and will assist in healing the body when you take them correctly.  And that doesn’t mean an article from a magazine telling you what to do.  Everyone is different and there are different protocols for everyone.  But first, why are they food?

Herbs are food.  Two of my many wonderful brilliant teachers/mentors Drs.Ralph Lahni DeAmicis could not stress this enough, that Herbs Are Food.  They come from the Earth.  They are edible.  They have a life force and therefore a distinct vibration.  They have minerals and vitamins that replace all of what we use every day to live.  Their vibrational frequencies are much higher than that of our physical body.  When we ingest herbs, they immediately begin to change the frequency in the body to a higher one.  Low, dense energy will always rise to meet high.  High will never come down to meet low. (science)

When the energy in the physical body and organs gets low, Dis ease and dis harmony in the body cause pain, inflammation and a host of symptoms that we chase around trying to find the perfect cure for when our ailments don’t even start on a physical level.  All of our ailments really do come from a thought process that has existed for an usually long period of time.  So long that we forget the thought sometimes because we buried it. The organ system that the thought is connected to then becomes weak and a little thrown off because now it has its own unique function in the body to keep peace but it has this emotional junk to take care of too!

Your liver for instance, is the organ that holds onto your Anger.  So now, its trying to hold that nasty anger, conjugate your hormones, filter your blood (maybe the same toxins more than once if your bowels are not moving regularly) and other various tasks.  It gets overloaded just like we get overwhelmed some times.  So maybe we’ll clean it out with some black radish, milk thistle whatever tests strong for you.


Herbs not only clean out they also effect the Limbic system of the brain.  This is  where we house our emotions!  So when they raise the vibration in our limbic system (which is also the way essential oils work) we feel better.  Isn’t that the point we want to arrive at?  To FEEL better.  Then we are motivated to continue, feeling better and better.  I don’t know any pharmaceutical medications that people have said help them to feel better emotionally.  Ever!  With using this example I would like to add that if you are taking milk thistle or something to tend to the liver, take it earlier in the day.  You won’t want to flush out anger while you’re trying to sleep and then wind up with bad dreams!

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