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Let Me Color Your World

As we begin our new normal….one big change is our home life!  In a lot of ways it has been awakening and very positive for many people…. for others, a struggle and confusion.  For some of you, your house has become your living space, office space and possibly a classroom very soon!  How is this going to work?? Here are a few Feng Shui tips to help out where they apply.  As expected, everyone’s living space is different so there are some details that would need to be worked out.  Your workspace must allow you the environment for working, thinking and creating.  Your personal space should be rejuvenating, relaxing, inspiring and comfy cozy.  Your schoolroom section…colorful and without any distractions. The colors should be those that promote clarity, creativity, and focus.

I want to keep it simple, so I will give you some color to choose to make your environment appropriate for the task at hand!  You don’t have to now repaint all of your walls.  You can move some pictures around, or add some pillows for contrast.  Crystals are my go-to on my counter, desk and night table! Use what you already have and just move it around.   I have listed the colors and a short sweet description to get you started!  I teach this in my Feng Shui classes, but I think this would be helpful for you now.  Everyone needs a little inspiration and ideas! And yes, it involves change!

This is general, I am just giving you an overview to think about and to play a little! Have some fun with it!!  I would love to hear how it turns out for you.  Keep me posted.

Red…is a very powerful color!  Red is dynamic and promotes passion…about work or intimacy. Because red is so stimulating, it is still as potent to use just as an accent color to any room.  For example, in the bedroom, you want earth tones and skin tones of the room accented with red pillows, candles, crystals, and/or maybe a chair in the place where you want the more dominant color.

Orange…stimulates conversation and creativity.  Orange is great for a school setting and where your focus is while working when you are on the phone.

Yellow…great for intellectual thought! It also makes you feel happy and it encourages optimism.  Yellow is great for an office, a kitchen, a playroom or a craft space!

Green…very balancing, calming and it’s wonderful to put in the money corner (far left corner of any room). It is healing and tranquil.  Green stimulates possibility and it is very inspiring.  Green is one of those colors that works nicely anywhere. Everyone loves to eat in a green kitchen.  Green stimulates the appetite.

Blue…calming and cooling.  Light blue increases creativity and can be very inspiring.  When I say cooling…you definitely do not want your bedroom to be blue!

Purple…represents nobility, abundance, intuition and dignity.  It also adds passion to the thoughts you are having.  Purple symbolizes success, wisdom and psychic ability.

This isn’t all the colors I just gave you a taste to get started! Colors stimulate your emotions. Play with color and see how inspired you are to work or how relaxed they make you feel.

Something you may want to experiment with is designating an area within a space.  If you have two rooms side by side with the same flooring, maybe throw down an area rug to distinguish one space from another.

If you want to take it a step further I’m happy to set up a consultation.  This is what I do.  As a Holistic practitioner I love that I can teach you to balance your inner world and your outer world!

Feng Shui is you delegating to the Universe exactly what you want in every area of your life.  You are in control of the message you send out.

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