At Holistic Apothecary, we offer products for holistic healing that are intended to raise and balance your energy.   Our bodies are made up of energy.  Every organ, every cell, every atom in our body, vibrates.  When our body’s vibrations are in balance and at its highest, we experience health. Conversely, when our body’s vibrations are out of balance and our energy is low, we experience stress and fatigue.

Begin balancing and raising your vibration from the inside out with holistic healing products from any of the 5 herbal/homeopathic lines we carry.  If metaphysical healing is what you desire, our large selection of crystals, pendulums, and wands may help.  Pick up some oils for aromatherapy or to just smell good. And while you are making things smell good, we have both Indian and Japanese incense, as well as two different brands of natural candles. But don’t forget, skin is one of the largest organs in the body. So check out the natural skin care and cleaning products that we offer.  Last, but certainly not least, what better way to balance vibrations than with sound. From crystal and Tibetan bowls to magical wind chimes, your ears and subtle body will thank you.

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