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Reclaim Your Power – Solar Plexus Healing

             There may be times when you feel powerless or not good enough. You may be asking yourself, how did I get here? How do I regain my power? The answer is simple; you must believe and love yourself with no conditions. Even when people start to say negative things to you, do not believe them. They should not create your reality for you. If someone isn’t matching your positive vibrations, it is time to let go of that energy. Cut out anything that is unnecessary in your life that may be causing you to feel that you are “losing” your power. Although, it is to be known that really, you are not losing your power – for your power source is the essence of your own created energy. What are you affirming to the universe? What are you putting out there?

                If the answer is self-doubt, than that is exactly what you are attracting. The universe can only match the vibrations that are being reverberated from your thoughts, speech, and actions. Channel that higher guidance, ask for help and believe in your own ability to connect with spirit. Do not get down on yourself when things do not go as planned. Life moves in cycles, and every beginning ultimately has an ending. Those moments will pass and after that difficult cycle is over, you will see the serendipitous events that let you know you are a powerful creator of your reality. Although, it is important to recognize, you cannot “wait” for happiness, keep yourself in that loving energy and see how quickly everything shifts around you.

                If you feel drained check your energy source that generates from your power center. And where is this power center you may ask? It is in your gut, which is very fitting because when you are conceived, the first part of your physical body that forms is your stomach. The universe says this, what you give you must receive, so know your worth! Be kind, because how you feel about yourself will translate how you treat others. Spiritual energy transforms our self power, and affects everything around us. When we lose our power, we may feel less confident or negative about ourselves. This only feeds the fear within us and only brings down our energy to a level that cannot heal us, but actually can damage our vibrational power. Love with all of your heart, as this will not only raise and heal your own self, but also heal the people around you – demonstrating the true power you have in manifesting and raising the vibrations around you. Prepare yourself vibrationally to receive all that you deserve. Regain your power today and see how your life changes!

Crystals to help regain your Solar Plexus Power:



Golden Labradorite

Golden Quartz

Tiger Eye

Oils that help reclaim power and aide in healing your Solar Plexus:

Clary Sage




Lemon Balm






Black Pepper


You can also practice affirmations to raise your vibrational energy immediately and help reclaim your power by stating:

  • I have the ability to be confident and control my life
  • I have power
  • I am respectful of the emotions of others
  • I am positively empowered and successful
  • I am authentic
  • I feel great passion and purpose for life
  • I am a responsible being


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