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Sage, Infuse Purification and Peace

Sage and Smudging…A Purification of the environment that

 permeates to the Soul….


The beautiful act of burning sage feels so freeing.  The ancient technique known as “smudging” has been used for thousands of years in ceremonies and for personal use to “cleanse your space.”  So what does that involve, why would you want to, and why might you feel the need to?

You know when something is right, it feels right.  And, when something is wrong, it feels wrong.  So when you walk into a space, any space, your home, office, a friends place, a store, you feel the environment first through your energy field known as the Aura – the layers of energy that surround your physical body.  That is how you feel someone looking at you from behind or someone getting really close to you and you feel them in your space!  Most people don’t realize that you pick up as well as leave behind a little bit of energy everywhere you go…but that’s another blog.  It will lift your mood as it clears negative energy or what I like to call ‘lower vibrations” out of a space.

Where did it begin?

Smudging is mostly widely associated to Native American rituals but really it has its roots in many different ancient cultures such as the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon. These ceremonies included the use of Palo Santo which is a sacred wood known mostly to bring sweet spirits in. The Celtic Druids burned Oak Moss for medicinal use!  The Latin word for Sage is “Salvia” which means “to heal”.  So when burning sage or palo santo, think of healing your space and yourself!  The other qualities that Sage has are that it increases spiritual awareness and helps bring clarity – sort of clearing the air and the mind!

OK, Where do I start?

Begin at the entrance to your space.  Move in a clockwise direction so that you are going along with the direction of the universal life force.  Move the sage (or whatever you are using, sound is even wonderful) all around the walls up and down clearing and just keep moving about like a dance almost.

When you smudge, make sure to pay attention to high traffic areas including doorways and hallways. If you feel inclined to do an area twice, follow your intuition and smudge it twice!  The Universe and your intuition are quite engaged when you are in an activity that they can assist.

Ask to release, now and forever, all known and unknown blocks that may be preventing the things you are asking for from manifesting in your intentions.  Then ask to fill the space with Love and healing energy and whatever desires you may have – don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from your angels and guides.  There are so many blessings piling up because we forget to ask, or just think we don’t deserve these blessings but we do. We all do…Wait and see.

You can feel the benefits quite quickly and you can burn sage in your home, office…I even like to take some palo santo with me when I travel to clear where I am staying from the energy that was there prior. And, of course, it is in the bag with my candles and crystals!



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