smudgingHello friends! Many folks come into our store and ask about smudging. The first thing to know is that there are many different types of smudging tools that you can use! You can always go to our video to check out the multiple options we have in store to use for smudging. The most important element when we smudge is the intention that goes into the process. The intention will raise the vibrations in the energy you are creating within your physical, as well as emotional and spiritual space. This will ultimately predetermine the use of the smudging material to clear the environment. This could include, but is not limited to, clearing negativity and uplifting the positive vibrations in your home, work, or outside space you dwell in. You can always call upon your spirit guides, angels, or any spiritual crew you have! They are always listening to your call, and are ready to assist you in any manner you are inquiring about.

So now you may ask, “How do I start the smudging process?” After you have a clear intention in mind, all you need to do is use your tool, with proper instruction, to begin clearing your space. For instance, if you are using sage, any kind of sage you prefer, you will begin by lighting one end of it. When you see that the sage is burning brightly, blow out the fire and let the smoke pour from its embers. In our store, we think of our sage as the holy Mecca of smells! Can you say AMAZING!! Just be careful that you aren’t fully basking in that sage delight and do not realize how much smoke is ascending! Sage can get quite smokey if you aren’t careful! We have set off a fire alarm…or two…or five…by smudging our store. At this point, you want to start at the doorway and smudge clockwise around the entire door.  As you are smudging, you will want to begin repeating your intention that you have previously thought over. You want to continue smudging in a clockwise formation in every room you do, as we want to stay with the universal polarity and energy that flows in this formation. This will assist the process and clearing of your space in divine alliance with spirit. Feel free to also use your smudging tool to clear your own aura! It is an amazing feeling to smudge yourself or have someone you trust smudge you! In the same way that you smudge your doorway and rooms, you want to smudge your physical body in a clockwise formation and comb out your aura of any negative or unwanted debris from your daily life. After you are done, you should feel a huge weight lifted, as the space, as well as yourself, will feel lighter, brighter and more positive. You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor and let that sun shine down upon you even on a cloudy day!

Love & Light,

Marisa @ Holistic Apothecary


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