Hey Guys! Thanks for coming to our blog, as we are all excited to take this journey with you! It’s been awhile – but we are officially back! What a perfect entry to refresh our posting than the sun moving into Taurus. Sure – we all go online and read about zodiac qualities to learn a little more about people in our lives. But! Many of us still are unaware of how the sun in each sign effects every one of us regardless of what your sun sign is! Here are some things to think about over the next few weeks.

With the Sun moving into Taurus, an earth sign, it is time to enjoy the earthly pleasures of life. If it tickles your senses in a joyous way, do it. Make reservations to your favorite restaurant that you only go to for special occasions, and treat yourself to that decadent dessert that you usually pass up. Indulge…Indulge…Indulge. Cuddle up in that soft blanket that feels so good on your skin. It is a time to do what pleases YOU. If it doesn’t, then skip it. No need to feel guilty, or selfish, this nourishes our souls and is part of our yearly astrological journey.

Earthy Taurus is at home in mother nature. Spend as much time as you can outdoors. Go for long hikes, play in the garden, or just sit under a tree and take in all the beauty that our earth has to offer. It’s nice to feel the grass in-between your toes. Kick off your shoes and enjoy that grounding and comforting energy.

Let’s not forget the stubborn bull that Taurus symbolizes. Relentlessly standing behind your convictions is great when you’re right…WHEN you’re right. Be willing to bend while the sun is in Taurus. Remember, throwing a tantrum is not the way to get what you want.


Crystals associated with Taurus

azurite malachite chrysacolla
green calcite
blue kyanite
orange kyanite
orange aventurine
paua shell
red jasper
tiger eye
rose quartz
rutilated quartz

Essential Oils for Taurus

Ylang Ylang

Love & Light,

Giuseppe @ Holistic Apothecary


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