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The Art of Being Grounded

art of being groundedHey there friends! Have you ever heard someone say they do not feel grounded or told you that you weren’t grounded? You may have sat there scratching your head at this term wondering what exactly they meant by it. It is sometimes a difficult term to fully grasp, especially when you feel unearthed and foggy in your daily life. What exactly does it mean when someone says to ground yourself then? This is something that can be interpreted loosely but generally leaves us with a sense of understanding the knack of what it means to be grounded. A symbolic representation I always like to use is the metaphor of a tree. Imagine a beautiful tree being nourished from the inside of their foundation through the outside aspects everyone can physically encounter. This nourishment perhaps comes from the rain, giving it a supplement to grow. Imagine the sun, giving the tree proper energy to help the natural development. This highly nourished tree will be firmly rooted in its existence and know this state as their innate reality. This tree will not wilt or bloom because of another tree. It will live within its own strongly planted center of being. Just as the tree is grounded, human individuals stay grounded in the same ways.

When you are not grounded, you feel a sense that your body and spirit are disconnected. This disconnect affects your mental clarity and emotional well-being, skewing your perception of reality. Many people are not grounded unfortunately because I believe they take on other people’s perceptions and realities as their own. Your anchor to the earth below and above has lost its alignment.  You may be feeling very unstable during this time, or just feeling “off”.  Some people also experience anxiety, as I believe, that this is a sign that the information from above is not received properly. Therefore, you are left feeling down and out, not quite living in your central truths. In fact, you may not even realize what your truths are in this moment. When you are grounded, you feel a sense of peace connected to your inner being. When your inner force matches your outer actions, you are grounded. There should always be a balance between our spiritual, ethereal realm and being rooted in our earthly, physical form. When there is an imbalance within our being, you cannot remain grounded.

We must leave our mind open to be able to process our own reality into a positive perception of knowledge we have received. The people, places, and events around us are all part of our journey. Although, at times it is difficult to decipher how much power you are giving others to shape your sense of self in your journey. This is when we need to reground ourselves and take a look at our reality from a higher perspective. So how can we ground ourselves? The good news is there are many ways in which we can do this! One simple way I love to re-ground myself is through visualization. Visualization is an essential tool within spiritual practices as you literally visualize what you want to manifest into your physical life through our minds! As the saying goes, “what we think, we become”. I always envision either a white light or any other color I am feeling at the moment, spiraling down from the heavens, coming through the top of my head and growing straight into the core of the earth. This anchors me into a centered space full of peace and self awareness, aligning everything that is out of place and no longer serving me.

What is important to know is that clearing and centering your Root Chakra is very important when you want to be grounded. The Root is the first chakra, tapping into the most physical aspects of the other six. The Root Chakra is about manifesting your desires and thoughts into the physical world, placing your roots firmly on earth, and awareness of your physical body. You want to stimulate the Root Chakra to open and be able to live fearlessly in this physical state. What you can do is a small meditation to strengthen your connection to mother earth. I personally like to light a red candle specifically intended for the Root Chakra. I then like to imagine a small red light glowing from my first chakra. Imagine this light growing larger and larger, swirling clockwise to open and enhance the natural flow of this area. Then imagine this ball of light moving into your thighs, knees and ankles. Traveling downward until you see the red light shoot out of your feet and take root all the way down into the core of the earth. Then reach up to the sky and stretch as tall as you can, imagining these long roots glowing and being planted deeply into the soil. This creates a nurturing foundation that no one can uproot.  

Another way to re-ground yourself is to use crystals! I myself love this method as I keep many of my crystals on me at all times. And when I say many….I mean a whole bag full! At any point I am feeling I may float away, becoming imbalanced, I reach for as many crystals as I feel necessary. You can just hold these crystals in your hand and visualize the energy uplifting any areas that have low vibrations. Something else I find that I really love, is laying on the floor and placing crystals on each corresponding chakra. Even just putting crystals around you and just asking the universe to re-ground you with their energy will do the trick! There are many specific crystals you can use to re-ground yourself, but some of my favorites include: Moss Agate, Apache Tears, Black Obsidian, Chrysanthemum stone, Healer’s Gold, Hematite, Copper, Ruby, Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Celestial Quartz.

Don’t have crystals? You can also use essential oils! The most awesome thing about essential oils is it can have multiple uses and purposes. Not only will it help re-ground you and raise your vibration, it will also smell AMAZING! Don’t be surprised if someone you walk past stops you to ask what that beautiful smell is! Certain essential oils have a higher vibration, but no matter which ones you choose – it will help you to re-center yourself. Some of my favorite selections that I feel best help to re-ground yourself include: Sandalwood, Cypress, Patchouli, Rosewood, Benzoin, Cedar, Myrrh, Frankincense, and Vetiver. You can use a single scent, or make a blend yourself – as long as you remember to mix it with a carrier oil so you may apply to your skin!

Remember – BE THE TREE! Stand tall in your beliefs and firmly plant your roots!


Love & Light,

Marisa @ Holistic Apothecary

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